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Yes, the stock rubber grips with the Ather wording

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@abhishek.balaji just had 30k periodic servicing for my vehicle but was surprised to find out that despite paying for subscription plan yearly I was charged for labour for a part which I had requested to replaced and while the part cost of rs300 is justified it’s labour charge of 460 is not as labour charge is something that is included in the plan

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Hello @anandquasar please allow me some time to get back. Thank you for this.

They have now updated service terms in subscription packs. Only warranty claims and Parts prescribed in the plan with general service are covered in Pack, everything else will incur labour charges.

What exactly is charged here?

Yes but the labour cost could be informed earlier I was only informed about the 300rs part cost due to I agreed was shocked after I saw rs460 for labour charge alone The right cap above the screw near the footrest was missing so it was replaced

:smiling_face_with_tear: you could have bought it and installed yourself for the price of 640 just to press in the cap. Dammmm


I would have fitted it myself if only the service center informed me about the labour cost I was on the pretext that labour charges are included in service plan and even if it’s not it was during the periodic servicing which would have eliminated the need for labour charge and even then a 200rs labour charge is justified instead of 460rs


What the … They charge 300 for that cap and also labour of 460 for that? Oh lord ! horrendous!!

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How do we get to know that these things ( terms ) are getting changed? Just the SC says and we should believe them blindly. So many things have been changed in servicing and i don’t even know a single thing. When i change something or if something is changed while servicing, at that time i get to know from the SC that this is like this now and not like this.

An official statement from Ather would be really helpful, since they are having subscription plans which is of a different type so if a proper clarity is provided it would be easy.

For example, the brake pads will be changed only once per service pack but this is not written officially anywhere or if it’s there i don’t know how to find it.

What the SC does is, they actually don’t sell the part’s, if it needs to be changed then it needs to be done by them only. Once i asked for a part so actually they said that even if they sell the part to the customer they bill it with labor charge and sell, so i said ok, and after speaking with manager they denied selling a part to customer.

Ather also removed quarterly service pack and said new plans are coming in but i don’t think any new plan will come they just removed it because almost everyone were using quarterly service for servicing and yearly service wasn’t used much now if i buy yearly service it’s of no use for me :sweat_smile:


It’s like finding hidden treasures everdays. Not one but so many policy and terms are changing everyday.

BTW did you see your Ather unlock???

Yeah i just saw now!!! :sweat_smile:

In the photo where I’m smiling, that photo almost looks similar to @tarun profile photo in forum, isn’t it? :grin:

Only there are two photos of mine, isn’t there any videos taken, actually they also took some cinematic videos on the community ride on 7th Jan from IBC to the event place, even those videos haven’t been uploaded anywhere.


They’ve removed quarterly billing cycle for subscription. I think that is better than annual plan. Also please let us use referral credits to buy all the products such as battery protect plan etc etc. There’s no point if we’re unable to use it. @tarun @abhishek.balaji please look into it.


My Ather is 1 and half years old and while buying the bike, Ather gave commitment on any battery issues and said that it can be replaced if it is under certain kms and my bike just clocked around 12k kms. I raised my issues twice to Ather Service, Trichy and now they also diagnosed the issues and it is already a week still no proper response. I tried contacting them but they didn’t pick the call so I went directly in person and at that time they admitted there is issue in battery and they are sending the battery to Ather plant, Bangalore to check the battery and the worst part is that it will take more than 20 days to analyse the issue and repair the battery. It is already a week and the bike is in service station only. They are not responsible enough to give loaner bike or battery for this 1 month time. I bought the bike for my dad after spending close to INR 2lakh and now they are telling we cannot sort this just like that as the cost of the battery is very high (approx 75k) which makes me feel bad after hearing that from Ather. I have spent so much and the product what I got is defective and now the response from Ather is not professional and they are not responsible enough to provide any loaner bike or atleast a battery for this 1 month. Is this ethical ?@ather Didn’t expect this kind of response from Ather. Please respond and do the needful asap


20 days is a very long time without a vehicle. Hope they at-least provide a loaner battery until then.