Maintenance and Service

I thought of doing this but if he gets stuck some where before reaching the ather lab it’s again a delay in service and also a delay in vehicle getting returned to us. This should not be the case. Ather should mention it to their service people to take care of how they drive. I guess the service mode is specifically introduced for such instances where people report the improper or inefficient driving pattern by service team.

Is service mode available in 450 as well???

Yes. It is available in the 450 as well. This is usually only used when Ather’s own service staff pick up the vehicle. If they use a runner, they don’t use the service mode .

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For the customers who opted for service lite to which center do we have to drop vehicle ,exact location in banglore ?

In all probabilities it’ll IBC campus on Bhannerughatta road near Diary Circle. But sometimes (if it’s a sim swap for example) it can be to their proto lab on Bhannerughatta road near Jedimara signal. Best is to confirm this when you schedule a service.

@abhishek.balaji i had a sight accident in my 450x in which the left brake handle got deformed slightly contacted ather E.C in pune but they told it will take 4 5 days to arrive its been 3 weeks now please improve service spares availability

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My vehicle came back from service. Wiring is changed, belt adjustments are made, mirror is changed under warranty as old one was wobbly. I could feel strange noise which I have not heard while riding before. Is it because the belt tension was altered? Now the belt is slightly loosened and the fan switches on even at 14 to 15 kmph. Is it something expected or something is wrong? Fan would run at full speed while on a highway driving fast. But I m hearing the fan run fast even for 15 kmph.

@raghav.srinivasan sir can you say if this is normal? Or something weird and need service attention?

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Received an email over a month and now the attached one regarding a pro active service of v1 charger. No one has shown up yet. Is this for real @abhishek.balaji?