Maintenance and Service

When things go wrong all seems an eye wash that’s all.
Raghu Bharadwaj

Please get your things in place is all I can say.
Raghu Bharadwaj

please elaborate instead of posting one liners, unless everyone knows what the problem is what things can we get in place? I’m sure the members of the forum and the ather team are going to be all ears to what the problem is.


Is there any maintenance schedule like any other vehicles?

5000 kms once. First one at home and Every alternate one will be done at Ather location with pick up and drop

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What are the checks and replacements?

Even I do not understand why have the same number for RSA, non-critical Support and Pre-order enquiries!


Will there be a first service at 1000km.
I remember them saying that during delivery and service at every 5000km later on

If you have any problem, call them to schedule a service

No there is no problem everything is fine I thought they will schedule regular sevice

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For the schedule service they will give you a call… :slightly_smiling_face:

When is the schedule service though, no clarity on that.

As per my knowledge its after 5000 KM.

How much for tyre puncher?
A nail has gone into my rear wheel…

It cost around 60 to 100 per puncture…

wait we will buy that toolkit and do it ourselves

300 Rs, But last time they told will reserve the price.

Sure next week we will buy.
I am not in town

One more puncture to rear wheel for me.:frowning: That to in rain no or helped…Driven as it is to home(5km)…Then repaired the puncture fix…Cost is 80/-
Puncture guy suggested to put puncture resistant liquid inside the tyre, but verified with @Ather.Team that it voids the warranty, it seems, I don’t know how?
Guys any other suggestions on this topic…
This is almost 4th puncture to my rear tyre, 2 fixes into it+ 2 valve changes already within last 6wks time…

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Do you by any chance live in the Bellandur-sarjapur area? Asking cos that stretch is a favourite for the puncture mafia.