Logging Your Rides to Google Sheets

This is my solution for the ride log issue.

Tools used:

Telegram bot - for sharing the image and for cost free API.
Google Drive - to store the image
Google Sheets - to store the data for analysis
Google Docs - to run OCR

I’ll try to write the process of setting up this for individuals. It may be helpful for the community.



Ather should open up it’s api as well.



Grate job :muscle:

I have tried to document all the steps here: Collect Ather Logs in Google Sheets via Telegram Bot

I know it is going to take lot of time for someone who has not used google sheets or telegram to setup completely. I hope it would be worth a try.

Please check and let me know the feedback.

btw, I have added few charts based on the ride logs and I like the way it turned out. Some samples are here:

sample-chart-1 sample-chart-2 sample-chart-3 sample-chart-4


I created a public bot for those who has difficulties in following up all the instructions. You need to start and register; you will be able to use it once I approve it.

The bot link: Telegram: Contact @ev_log_bot

The bot can be accessed only by a limited set of people, as it uses only the free limit set by Google and Telegram.

If you want to set up your own bot get the source code and sample google sheets file from github repo: GitHub - anbuchelva/ev-log-bot


How can I get these ?

Download Telegram
Create an account
Click this link which will open in Telegram Telegram: Contact @ev_log_bot
Start the bot
Use command /register
Once I approve, you can start sharing your ride logs as explained in the video on the first post.
Use menu on the bot to get charts.

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Released version 3 of the bot, which brings edit the ride logs generated from OCR and various bug fixes.

Telegram bot URL: Telegram: Contact @ev_log_bot
Github URL: GitHub - anbuchelva/ev-log-bot


You are doing far better job than Ather software team :joy:


I have been tracking the ride statistics for last 30 days. Here are the results.