Introducing Ather Assure!

It’s been almost a week and there is still a week left and still i haven’t got any update on this. @HarshaVardhan is yours issue resolved?

No my old service lite valid till 25th June. Have to check if discount is being applied if i purchase within 15 days of expiry.

But i am sure it will not work as they assured one thing and website is automated in other way.

Now even if i want to upgrade to new service pro not getting discount

Have to raise compliant with them


There’s only 4 days left to renew subscription and it’s been 3 days my post is assigned to community help and i haven’t got any help or anything from the team.


Can someone help here there’s only 3 days left.

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See there’s only 2 days left i believed that Ather will do something, even though my post was assigned to community help none of them helped me :rage:

Or just tell me that this 500 discount was not for Gen 1 owner’s then i can peacefully pay the full amount.

You guys give discount of 500 and when it’s not applying in the payment window it’s really frustrating.

If i really don’t get the discount i believe that the 450 owners are not participating in this like how they were left out from all like they stopped getting notifications through the app, same is the case here right? We are not eligible for anything, just say it Ather just say it.

For everyone who thinks this 500 discount was only till the end of april. Here’s something you need to see

I’m sure i will not get the discount but i will wait for another confirmation from @HarshaVardhan

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True i will get same issue when i will try to renew in June. @smridhi.kalati 500 discount not getting applied as promised before even though trying to renew immediately.

What customer care replied?

No discount is available to every Ather for every year you renew. Website is not designed to include discount for renewal after expiry of existing plan.


@chethanchandrashekar read the last lines they said we are eligible but it’s not working and no one took effort to fix it. What was the response received from Ather customer care?

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So the day is almost over and i didn’t get any solution from anyone whether it was on the whatsapp or customer care or mail. I have been following up them in the whatsapp for my issue from past 3 days and from 3 days they are still looking into this issue but didn’t find any solution. I wasted the ticket by mailing them, it was of no use and finally the customer care.

They said the offer was only in the april month and the discount will not apply from May onwards even if one wants to renew within grace period.

Then i showed them this

So their reply was that this has been changed now and it still hasn’t been updated in the website.

I mean how can they simply change something they have said? Whatever, i was fed up with this 500 500, gonna pay the full amount only.

Is this issue for only Gen 1 customer’s, Gen 2 customer’s those who want to renew your subscription can anyone confirm is it the same case for you?


You’ll get the new plan at the same price of older lite plan. My case was similar, my Service Lite was expiring on 16th May, and I tried renewing it before that, same problem as yours.

They consider going from Service Lite to Assure lite as downgrade.

I paid ₹2832 with GST on 16th May.


That was my old vehicle, now for the new one my app is showing ₹500 discount (only when I switch to new vehicle), but the app is not applying on the purchase summary page. I had created a ticket regarding the same, but Ather’s support has been unresponsive from couple of months, I have many tickets pending. @smridhi.kalati Can you shed some light on this issue?


Don’t know how but got the discount of 500 even after grace period is over.

Firstly received this mail

Then i checked the website the discount was getting applied :partying_face:

Ather now don’t try to remove the discount because i have already bought the subscription :wink:

I don’t how all this worked, even after so many mails, calls and issues reported here in the forum, the issue didn’t get solved but after grace period it has applied the discount, even the website still shows it should be renewed in the grace period. If someone would have told me that the discount will be applied after the grace period then i wouldn’t have posted these many posts :sweat_smile:

So as said by the customer care this isn’t actually reflecting as true, the website still show’s the old information and i have got the discount after the grace period, don’t know what’s happening here



We’re here to assist you, Siddhant! Please help us with your registered contact number along with your vehicle details via DM in order for us to assist you better.

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I did send you a DM but haven’t received any call. Also the offer banner is gone now, it was for 30 days from my date of purchase I guess, so…:man_shrugging:t2:

The email support is getting worse as well, this is what they said when I did a follow-up today,

“We understand that you were unable to purchase the subscription plan at a discount. We regret the inconvenience caused. The resolution for the issue was provided on 23rd May while the subscription could still be availed at a discount.”

And this is what they sent on 23rd May,

"We are sorry to know that you are unable to avail the same. We are having this raised with our concerned team and keep you posted on further updates.

The expected time frame for the team to address and resolve the issue is 10 days. Although this is the maximum time frame, we will ensure that the issue is addressed at the earliest."

Do you call this a resolution? @harsh.thakkar


No call, no reply, not here, not on email. Missing those good old days.

I was gonna leave it, but after reading your email…not anymore.

I couldn’t avail the offer because,

  1. Your website/app was broken.
  2. Your support team failed to provide a resolution in the given time.

I think an "ideal resolution’ here would be to credit those ₹500 in Ather credits so that I can use it to purchase the same plan.


Greetings Ather Energy ,

I just need to know about Ather ASSURE PLAN. I’ve already taken one for my 450x gen3.

Recently I’m facing major noise coming from belt and transmission belt. I’ve also shown this problem to my nearest Ather workshop but they are charging me some amount to get the job done.

What’s the problem?

On my regular maintance of my 450x, I sprayed some belt dressing on belt system. After some kms, noise start coming while riding.

What Ather workshop provided me with a solution.

After explaning about my problem & mentioning , I’ve already opted for Ather ASSURE PLAN in April . They provided me with 2 situation:-

  1. IF any parts was damaged like belt or transmission then everything will be covered under plan.

  2. If everything was fine. If it only required cleaning of belt or transmission then I have to pay labour charge for opening of panels and etc. To get that noise fix.

My question is now what’s the point for opting For service plan? Do I have pay some more labour charges for such work to keep my vehicle up fit? shouldn’t cover under my plan? ---------------------------------------------------—------------------------------------- Workshop visited - Bagga link (No 173, Patparganj Industrial Area, Patparganj, New Delhi, Delhi 110092)

Vehicle Details - 450x Gen3 Kms Run - 3600


Update: They called me a couple of days before,

Apparently they sent me a mail but I did not receive it, but I received other mails in the same thread. :man_shrugging:t2: And the offer expired later, so nothing can be done except trusting them.

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Today my old plan expired automatically it’s showing discount of 500. But it was not showing same discount if i wanted to upgrade while having an active plan

Any how now i can renew within 15 days let’s see if connect plan becomes chargerable from July 1st and if so will subscribe to both.

Very good way of pricing high and giving discount only for those who renew immediately to get maximum revenue, or else even i would not get a service plan for next few months till my scooter is about 40000 kms and also warranty is already gone so no use in periodic maintenance i can renew when facing an issue and not immediately. just got my 35000 kms service done few days before old plan gets expired