Introducing Ather Assure!

The Ather service subscription is now Ather Assure! - a comprehensive maintenance plan for all Ather 450 models. The subscription can be purchased through the Ather customer portal and even offline at our Experience Centers.

For current subscribers of the Service Pro and Service Lite plans, your subscription will remain active till it expires. You can subscribe to an Ather Assure plan of your choice after that!

Why Ather Assure?

With this plan, you are assured of a hassle free ownership experience delivered through our expertly trained technicians at Ather Service Centers and our super-quick 24x7 Roadside Assistance team! The subscription gets activated within 24 hours of purchase of the plan.

What are the Plans?

  • Basic

    24x7 Emergency Assistance

₹999* for 12 months

  • Lite

    24x7 Emergency Assistance

    Zero-cost Maintenance

₹2,999* for 12 months

This plan will be valid for 1 year or 15,000 kms from the date of purchase of subscription, whichever is earlier.

  • Pro

    24x7 Emergency Assistance

    Zero-cost Maintenance

    Doorstep Pickup & Drop

₹3,499* for 12 months

This plan will be valid for 1 year or 15,000 kms from the date of purchase of subscription, whichever is earlier.

*Pricing does not include GST.

Everyone in the Ather Community can get ₹500 off on Ather Assure Lite & Pro if they subscribe before 30th April 2023!

You can buy or renew your subscription on the Customer Portal : Ather

You can also subscribe to Ather Assure plans using Ather Credits!

What are Ather Assure’s features?

  • 24x7 Emergency Assistance

If the vehicle is immovable for any reason - accident, breakdown, puncture or even charge runout, we will reach you at warp speed! (usually under 60 mins within city limits) And there are no limits on the number of times this can be availed. RSA will arrive at the location where your scooter broke down and take the scooter to the nearest service center or public charger, depending on the issue.

For Pro subscribers - drop back home will be covered too,

For Basic/Lite subscribers - the scooter will have to be picked up by you.

  • Zero-cost Maintenance

Our expert technicians at our Ather Service Centers will keep your ride smooth, fast and safe - at zero additional cost! All parts, labor and consumables towards the maintenance of the vehicle are covered. The plan does not cover installation & upkeep of accessories or Tyre replacement charges.

  • Doorstep Pickup & Drop

Pick up and drop from your doorstep (upto 15 kms) and Doorstep service (in select cities) for maximum convenience. No limit on the number of pick up and drops!


Will we get 500 discount at that time?


Only if you subscribe to it before the end of the month.


Ather should at least provide one year free Lite service for recently bought customers. We have paid more than current price and ending up with no features or service!!! So sad!


I did just purchase a service plan before this was introduced. So now do i fall into ano of these categories or otherwise?


I know that. But my existing plan is valid till June so i asked the team person to clarify @smridhi.kalati as i am not getting an option to queue the new discounted plans now


Hey Ather Team. Had a few questions about how the plan works for out of warranty scooters.

What does Zero Maintenance really mean? And does it apply only to in warranty scooters ? Because I was told at the Peenya(Bangalore) service station that any repairs other than brake pad and any other wear and tear repair( bearings) will be charged irrespective of the service plan. Could you please clarify this.

Says that you can assure a 0 Cost bill. That’s quite the promise considering I just paid ₹3,500 for a side stand change. Would that have been a zero bill if I had this plan. If yes, I will buy it right away. So do clarify please. @abhishek.balaji

Does this refer to ALL PARTS covered under warranty for under warranty scooters or ALL Parts of all scooters irrespective of warranty?


As per the website, it clearly states that the new pack will start after the current one expires.

From FAQ page: Your current subscription remains active till it expires. Please note that the newly introduced ODO limits don’t apply to your existing plan. For instance, if you subscribe to Ather Assure now, your benefits for 12 months or 15000 km (whatever comes first) don’t kick in till your current plan expires. Ideally, you should level up to Ather Assure once your existing plan lapses.


what on the earth is the side stand made of? rare earth ore? They loot till the customer dies.


That is hell expensive for such a flimsy stand


Hey @HarshaVardhan! You can get Rs.500 on Lite and Pro plans if you subscribe to them before the 30th of April 2023!


Hey! You will not fall into any of these plans. You can subscribe to any of these plans after your current plan lapses.


Hey! Please check the FAQ’s on the Ather Assure page. It mentions what all is covered under warranty. Side stand change is not covered under warranty.

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Hey! Please check the FAQ’s in the Ather Assure page. It has all the details.


It’s not clear about labour charges. Is it for only the mentioned parts and inspection or for all non insurance claims?

This is my concern.

Of the ₹3500. Almost ₹1000-₹1200 was just labour. If I take the plan and get the side stand replaced will labour be covered ? @smridhi.kalati


This particular section in terms and conditions on RSA is a bit concerning.

The customer should borne the spare parts including the labor charges in case the vehicle renders immovable? Sounds like if your vehicle is out of warranty and even if you have ‘Ather Assure’ plan active, you will have to pay for the service?

So it is not ‘Zero-cost service’? This particular sentence is a lot misleading.


I guess this statement is only applicable to scooters within the warranty period. Totally misleading if thats the case.


That FAQ is not solving the issue, i am ready to pay for Ather assure lite right now so i can get it in discounted price and keep getting discounted price for Ather assure 2nd year renewals also. But the issue is i am unable to subscribe or queue it now.

I know i can buy once my existing subscription is expired but at that time i have to pay full price and keep paying full price for 2nd year Ather assure renewals.

In my case

My old Ather service lite expires on June 25 2023

If i subscribe to assure lite on 26 June 2023 will i get it for 2499 ? And keep getting it for 2499 for 2024 renewal also.

It’s not fair for restricting it till 30 April only and charging more for having an valid old plan.

Either give an option to convert or queue to new plan so we can buy before 30 April and get the discount.

Or owners with active plan should get discount when they renew in my case i should get discount if renewed on 26 June 2023.

Please clarify @smridhi.kalati


What is the error you are facing while purchasing the Assure plan at the moment?

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No eroor but if i click on confirm subscription after selecting Ather assure lite it doesn’t work. but if i select Ather assure pro i am getting option to confirm payment.