What they provide with autovert is not b2b, but we can take our own insurance and provide them details. It is not necessary that we take insurance through Ather.

But process will not move untill we provide insurance details and we have to followup.

Insurance market plays a pretty big role in the financial system after all. Then comes banking then everything. :sunglasses::grin: It helps in budgeting for govt.

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I couldn’t see more providers when I was deciding on which insurance to go with after payments yesterday.

I am trying to get insurance from HDFC Ergo and also tried Bajaj Allianz, both of them are default offering 1 year Own Damage and 5 year third party. Ergo CRs being so arrogant out right refused offering any custom change like 3 year OD + 3 year TP

As per government 1+5 only can be done as of now,

Not correct. Govt reverted that order and now customers can choose whatever duration they want


No. Mandatory 5year third party insurance rule has been withdrawn since August 2020. It was introduced in September 2018 but then the OTR prices of vehicles increased due to that. Hence it was wihdrawn.

As per my knowledge earlier 5 year od +5yr tp can be taken if one who requires 5year own damage

Now 1yr od +5yr tp only be possible

5yr od is not possible.

For car 1yr od + 3 yr tp

This is for brand new vechicle

The article in the link seems to be written based on the old ruling from 2018.

Read the below circular from IRDAI.

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Kindly see in long term package only own damage is withdrawn from 5 years to 1 year, I am looking after 3 two wheeler showrooms

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I saw again and don’t see that only long term own damage component is withdrawn. Highlight if I’m missing something. In fact long term own damage cover was never made mandatory. so there is no question of withdrawing that right?

For new two-wheelers:

  • Earlier it was always mandatory 1yr TP cover.
  • From Sep 1st 2018 it became mandatory 5yrs TP cover.
  • It was withdrawn and from Aug 1st 2020 it is back to mandatory 1yr TP cover.

OD cover was always and will always be optional.


GoDigit but not through Autovert, I went on their website and got it by myself as i had more control on price, IDV and other add-ons. I would recommend other doing the same rather than taking the default option provided by Ather, I guess doing this will help you understand better what you are paying for and still enjoy easy and fast claim as Ather has tie up with GoDigit through Autovert.

But the price you get will be higher than autovert

Ya that’s obvious isn’t it, If you like the IDV and other things that Autovert provides, it’s great you can get it from there as it’s cheaper, but if you don’t like it there is no way to customize it. I didn’t like what I was getting there so I went to digit and configured the insurance add-ons that I needed and paid for that. However, it didn’t cost much more I paid 6600, something near to it. I am not sure about it but I guess it’s mandatory to have personal accidents cover on any one of your owned vehicles, and I didn’t see any option for that on Autovert. So, I had to go with digits. I could be completely wrong about this personal accident thing, but this is the only vehicle on my name, and as far as i know it’s mandatory to have.


The insurance page is asking whether it is 0.1kwh or 0.5 kWh… i have ordered a 450x … Which one do you think it is?

Insurance is a must. Another question is whether there is a choice of an insurance company and, accordingly, tariffs and options depends on the region of residence and use of transport.

I didn’t get you, brother. are you asking me a question or informing me something?

Only go digit offers privately I think

Nah there are few more like 4 or 5 more providers, few I remember are HDFC ergo, Go digit and Acko. you can search for all on policy bazar too. HDFC Ergo, I find it expensive and the offer few people were talking about at the beginning of this topic, seems like that isn’t offered anymore. Acko is the cheapest as per my knowledge but has some naming issue, I called Ather and Acko both regarding this but they were not sure either which model is referred to what, @sofiagarg00 has also mentioned this issue few replies back “0.1 kwh & 0.5 kwh”.

I work for Insurnace company and I paid very less compared to what ather gave us .