Let’s use this topic for insurance related discussions.

We could discuss Ather partner Autovert’s plans and compare it with other providers.

HDFC ergo seems to be a better choice where we can add-on 5 year own damage too.

Some of the forum members report that they got their Ather insured by HDFC ergo.
Which provider do you guys prefer?

  • Autovert
  • HDFC Ergo
  • Other (Please reply which one)

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Which insurance provider did you go for and how much did it cost?

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I chose hdfc… I paid 12k for 5 years first party and 5 years 3rd party… Cheaper than what ather provides… Plus I don’t have to pay anything for the next 5 years


:thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow: 5 years

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Guys if u are opting for your own insurance pls request ather to submit the chassis number and engine number… As in the invoice, ntg will be mentioned except the price

I tried in policy Bazaar and cover fox and could not find for Ather. Tried two insurance providers site directly and no one listed Ather. So went ahead with Digit.

I too wanted to get 5 year full insurance just like you did because for 5.5k extra you get 4 years additional insurance… I hope next year insurance providers give option to select own damage alone

One question though: does it include zero depreciation?

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It’s zero depreciation

Actually it’s very good pricing…

Ather available with HDFC ERGO.
KINDLY ask ather people to include ENGINE AND CHASIS NO. along with invoice.
Otherwise it’ll delay further

HDFC ERGO, online quote is 5658/- without tax for 5 yr own damage and 4 yr 3rd party w/o personal accident cover. Is this the plan you purchased.

No, I have opted for premium package which includes zero depreciation 5 years comprehensive and 5 years 3 Rd party.
I’m happy with it.

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Can you give some more details? Which company and plan did you go for?

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Just made the payment today. Planning to go with a third party insurance. Called up ather. They said they will raise the invoice only after the charger point is installed. So I need to wait for the charger to be installed, only then I can get the insurance. Hope they install the charger soon.

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Hi guys, i wanted some recommendations regarding the insurance. Autovert gives 1 year comprehensive and 5 years 3rd party. HDFC ergo gives 5 years comprehensive insurance for almost the same price. Wanted to know which works better.

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I’m going for hdfc ergo , visit hdfc ergo site and get the quote. Rs.5658/- + tax 5 years own damage and 5 years 3rd party.

Awesome! I’m planning to do the same. Did the Ather customer care tell you the procedure for getting a third party insurance?

For an Electric Vehicle which insurance is required?

  1. 5 years third party is enough? How much it will cost only third party
  2. I have seen in forum that personal insurance with assured amount of at least 15 lakhs is required is this compulsory? If yes then taking comprehensive plan will cover this?
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HDFC ERGO Insurance
IDV :116000

Two Option :
Comprehensive + Third Party

Option 1 : 1+5: Rs. 4,817/-
Option 2 : 5+5: Rs. 8,665/-
Above Premium was for Comprehensive Plan - This Covers Basic Coverage like 50% Claim on Plastic, 50-70% on fibre etc etc.

Where as the below Plan is Comprehensive + Zero Dep.
In Zero Depreciation: Whatever the Cost of the Claim - Full 100% Amount can be claimed by Insurance.

Premium Charges:
1 Year Zero Dep: Rs. 5,570/-
5 Years Zero Dep: Rs. 13,558/-


I went through autovert insurance and paid RS - 7041 RS for 1 years - Personal and 5 years Third party insurance.

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