I got a Wonderful Opportunity to Ride and Test the Supremacy Vehicle of EV World - The Ultraviolette F77 Recon

I have tested the Ultraviolette F77 - Recon for a Week

From 21/12/2023 5 PM to 28/12/2023 12 PM

In this Week, I drove the Beast for 1,611 KMs :zap:

Here is my Review :

I want to express my sincere gratitude for the incredible opportunity to test ride the F77 Recon for a week. It has been an exhilarating experience, and I am truly grateful for the chance to explore the capabilities of this groundbreaking electric vehicle.

My Detailed Review of the F77 is as follows:

Pro’s :

  1. Performance

  2. Range

  3. Design

  4. Handling

  5. Technology and Integration

  6. SoC Reliability

  7. Price

  8. Is it Costly?

  1. Performance : The F77’s performance exceeded my expectations. The instant torque delivery and smooth acceleration made every ride an absolute delight.

  2. Range : The range of the F77 is commendable. Throughout the week, I found it to be reliable for both short commutes and longer rides, providing the convenience needed for daily use.

  3. Design : The design of the F77 is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. The attention to detail in both form and function showcases Ultraviolette Automotives’ commitment to creating a top-tier electric vehicle.

  4. Handling : The bike’s handling is responsive and precise, making it a joy to maneuver through different road conditions. The lightweight frame contributes to a nimble and agile riding experience.

  5. Technology : The integration of cutting-edge technology, such as the connected features and smart display, enhances the overall riding experience. It’s clear that Ultraviolette Automotives has invested in creating a bike that aligns with modern advancements.

  1. SoC Reliability : The F77’s battery life exceeded my expectations, providing ample range for daily commuting without the need for frequent recharging.

  2. Price : The initial cost of the F77 may be a barrier for some potential buyers, although the long- term savings on fuel and maintenance costs should be considered.

  3. Is it Costly? : Certainly! It’s clear that, based on my thorough follow-ups since 2021, including testing the prototype on Sep 2022 and noting the changes made, I see the product as a value for money proposition.

My Evaluation goes beyond just the price, taking into account the tangible improvements and differences between versions.

This comprehensive understanding adds depth to my perspective, emphasizing the value derived from the product’s evolution and enhancements over time.

Con’s :

  1. Storage Space : With Panniers, It ll not be an Issue

  2. Seat Cushion : Bad Seat Cushion on long rides can lead to Discomfort and Fatigue due to Inadequate Support and Pressure Distribution.

This can result in back pain, numbness, and overall discomfort, affecting the ability to enjoy and endure extended periods of sitting during long rides.

  1. TPMS : It is not a Necessary Accessory. But It maybe useful for Safety Enhancements, Range Optimization, Battery Efficiency and Real Time Monitering.

As an EV enthusiast, I find it challenging to pinpoint significant cons because the product has effectively addressed and fulfilled most aspects. Its positive evolution, from prototype to current version, showcases a commitment to improvement. This comprehensive fulfillment of expectations makes it challenging to identify notable drawbacks.

I want to extend my appreciation to Mr. Narayan Subramaniam and the Entire Team for their dedication to pushing the boundaries of electric mobility. Testing the F77 has not only been a pleasure but also a testament to the innovative spirit driving Ultraviolette Automotives.

Thank you once again for this incredible opportunity. I look forward to witnessing the continued success of the F77 and future developments from your esteemed brand.

Best regards,

Arun Prakash S,

EV Rider and Enthusiast:zap:


Well written.

But the weight of the battery alone must offset the lightweight frame, I guess. Have heard it’s very front heavy bike as most the weight is high up and towards the front of the bike. How was your experience regarding that? Did the handle felt heavy while turning under braking?

Great review BTW :slightly_smiling_face:

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Weight isn’t Lite but While Describing Beauty Words supposed to be like this

But 10.3 kW Battery and 30.5 kW Motor

The Weight of 200 KGs is Literally Lite Wait I believe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I completely Agree this, First 50 KMs was Tough for me to Adopt with the Vehicle

So I took a spin inside Bangalore to Adopt it before Test the Best on Highway

Truly Its Bit Heavy in the First, Almost ! Almost Dropped it Twice But Pretty Manageable with Good Footwears

It will feel Heavy for Sure But You can manage it with Nice Turn Radius Bro

Thank You, I took 2 Hours to Review the Beauty - Usually I take Such Time for Review Things Which i Love :heart:

Haha Thank You Bro :heart:

Price🥵 price🥵 price

5 Lakhs is a Good Price for the Product, The Thing is You need to Experience it atleast for One time before claiming it Pricey :handshake:

Once Again got a Wonderful Opportunity to Test Ultraviolette F77 Recon - Airstrike 🩶

Will Update Later :smiling_imp:


What connector does the ultraviolette have? Is it still CCS2?

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Nope Its Proprietary Charger

For me Ather and Ultraviolette are Supremacy’s of EV Industry in India

Scooter = Ather E-Bike = Ultraviolette

Supremacy means state of being most Powerful

Currently in India, EV Scooters most Powerful and Reliable Scooter is Ather - The Same for E-Bike Ultraviolette :zap:


And I fully agree on part that they are the current epitome in India for e2w the ease of manoeuvring on both the machines is flawless till now. The uv feels nimble for its weight when you’re up and running on a standstill you do feel it’s a bit front heavy tail number plate is a bit flimsy and the mirrors vibrate during rapid acceleration.

I have done 2,200 KMs in 8 Days of Riding

I don’t feel like the Mirrors Vibrate, It service the Purpose

Aahhh, No Match for Ather and Ultraviolette Exist in India Right Now :smiling_imp:

Maybe You feel weight in Glide Mode (ECO) But Combat and Ballistic will make this machine a Weightless Crab on Fire (Carbon Fiber) Cycle :face_with_peeking_eye::crazy_face:

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I didn’t mean the whole mirror from the stem is two part system where just the mirror surface moves at angles but that mirror surface vibrates on windy days in combat and ballistic when you aggressive on the throttle. I feel they should have a better engineered mirror and the flimsily flying rear plate on the tail maybe add a rod or something to support it.

Actually no as soon as the wheels moves it’s kinda weightless due to the balanced position you’re in it feels front heavy only on standstill.

I wouldn’t count river Indie out just yet maybe can get a different form factor to work for a more specific need.

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I completely Agree with your Point

I can Experience Some Valid Review on your Reply

Like we have Mirror Update now from OG Mirror

I don’t find any OG Mirror Pictures Recently since I Backed them in my Storage Device

The Green Ather in the Back has OG Mirror and New Mirror is Sick as Fruit

This Sunday (21/01/2024) I am meeting Mr.Narayan and Mr.Niraj - CEO and Co Founder of Ultraviolette

I am gonna give my User Experience and Main Feedback will be Mirror and Seats :face_with_peeking_eye:


Hey can you ask them why doesn’t the Indian models not get the same 100Nm of torque treatment as the European standard ones do.

Indian Special Editions will have 100 Nm Torque. Lemme Ask them Tomorrow and Update

Yaa only the Indian special editions have them the standard ones are not updated unlike the European standard editions come with the 100nm torque figures as special editions do in India.

Plus if possible ask them how are they gonna homologate the new 7 or so bands of regen to older bikes via ota as they currently only have 3 bands in settings but I know for sure this ota is coming to the F77.