How do I get better range(mileage)?

Variables that affect the range are

  • Road gradient
  • Sudden acceleration and deceleration
  • Tyre pressure
  • Road surface conditions
  • Load on the vehicle

Maximizing the range- Best Practices

  • Accelerate slowly. Make a conscious effort to accelerate slowly from rest on the go. Watch out for Red aura and avoid. This puts less stress on the motor and battery. Accelerating slowly uses less power.
  • Coast as much as possible - Use the inertia of the vehicle in motion as much as you can.
  • Maintain constant speed as much as possible.
  • Riding at around 40-45 kmph gives the highest efficiency.
  • Use Regen as much as possible for braking- To do this, you have to keep enough distance with the vehicle in front of you to prevent sudden braking.
  • Avoid frequent braking, because it’s followed by acceleration, eating up more energy
  • Analyse your energy consumption in the app (Ride Statistics). Keep that to minimal. ~24Wh/km will fetch you a range of around 100kms.
  • Shutdown the system - if you know that the vehicle is going to be idle for more than 3-4 hrs, shutting down will reduce unnecessary trickle discharge. Turning on again hardly requires a minute. So, Save Energy! (WARNING: As of now DO NOT USE SHUT DOWN feature as there is an issue with wake up circuit. However if you are going on long vacation, make sure SoC is less than 60% before you shut down)
  • Check tyre pressures regularly and maintain recommended values.

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