Home Charging

Discussions around charging your vehicle at home using the Point or the portable charging cable happen in this thread.

Would like to know the cost of the Portable charging cable and Home charging unit.

Hi, the cost of charging cable is Rs. 4800 + GST

The other details of the cable are mentioned on the post here

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Could you please confirm if we buy scooter through leasing option, then still I need to buy charging cable.? Or will it be part of lease as we will be returning scooter back after lease period ends… Reason because… Then no point in buying charging cable and keeping with us after we return scooter… But still I need a charging cable due to range issues

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Hi @sandeepnvp ,
Honestly, we had not thought of this for the lease option. We will take it up with our lease partner, to see if a spare charging cable can be included with the vehicles on lease at an additional cost. We will update you once we know the outcome.

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Hi Ather Team,

Is it possible to install home charging point in more than one location? My parents stay in a flat 8 KM from mine in bangalore. If it costs more, how much is it?

U can i believe
It should cost u around 10k

Disclaimer: am not from Ather team

Thanks Abhishek

Hi Shreyas,

Any updates on above request?

Can any of the Ather owners let us know how does the monthly electricity consumption for charging get reimbursed?

hello Ather gang

just wanted to share chatting exp al the way to 100%

it is kind of weird with the time to full estimate was never true…

but anyway it was full finally in the morning before i started


Hi Guys and Ather team,

Below is the charging point in my office(Reva car owners use this to charge). Would I be able to use it once I get delivery of my 450 with the portable charging cable provided by Ather?

From what I have seen, the charging cable provided by Ather is a normal 5A 3 pin plug point compatible. So am not sure if the below point would be helpful for me.

I might have to drop an email to my office team to install a 5A plug point

@Shreyas Could you please confirm? Thanks


That socket is a standard industrial socket. Unfortunately you cannot connect a normal Indian 5A plug. Even getting conversion adapters is challenging and even if you do is not recommended, due to potential loose contact.

You will have to put a surface mount box with a regular 5/15A socket, next to it. Use a box with a shutter. So that the socket is closed from dust/water and insects, when not in use.


@Abhishek @Shreyas i was down to 6km at 9:15pm and charging till now (11:55pm) got it to only 80% (47km range). Is this expected? How much time is needed for a full charge?

generally it takes around 2+hrs till 80%
and 3+hours to 100%
with home charger

this will slightly vary at times depending on battery temperature

in your case i see this is slightly more time
but i believe it’s normal… may be took time to manage battery temp

please observe for few more times and average should be 2 hrs

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hey @Shreyas

does current charging port on Ather allow bidirectional charge?

just curious of more options in future - to connect 2 Athers to share power or even use Ather to replace UPS in home!!!

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Thanks @Abhishek for sharing your observations & expertise.

Faced the charging issue with the pod again today. It only started charging after 2 hours on my 4th attempt at resetting the connection to the scooter. That too on the day I pushed my 450 to the low battery limit. Hope the upcoming OTA update fixes this problem for good.

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I don’t know how Reva users charge using this but in our E20 such a kind of male plug is available in the car and the charging cable for that has a female socket on one end and a normal Indian 5A plug at the other end to plug it into power outlets.
5A socket will be the best solution until something new comes around.