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They did give you a Home Charger right?

what did these people ever do to you ? If your city has less than only 2 working grid the your home charger is the best option don’t you think?

Some setbacks yes, Not a Fail. See the people in our country are obsessed with free things, and they start hearing it’s not going to be free anymore some people are okay with it and some aren’t. I don’t think that is going to affect the sales in any way.


Yes it will definitely hit sales. Atlest in my city. As people are looking so save on huge fuel cost by switching to ev. And Ather is the most expensive of the lot. Atleast some people including are buying Ather for its performance. But others main thing is cost. So if the grid is 2 times expensive than home charging it might be a deal breaker for the common man. They choose cheaper scooter so they can save on the initial cost and charge at home . Its all a value for money game. But hope the team will get a better solution or may give some free minutes every month so users can get quick topup and also we can shutdown the hoggers from the grid also.


How much time do the home chargers take? I can charge my Ather from 50% to 80% in less than 30 minutes at Ather grids(even if I have to wait for 10 minutes to let someone else charge) not at home!

I wouldn’t mind paying if they set up Ather grid in my home surroundings.

Maybe Ather should focus on setting up more Ather grids in cities other than Tier 1, and then bring in the concept of charging the customers money at Ather grids.

What if I have to go to Tirumala(do you know where that is), it takes up nearly 50% charge. How do I come back home without the anxiety of discharging?

We asked multiple times but there is no Ather Grid set up in Tirumala? How will the home charger help me now? We were given the Dot charger only.

Some people said that people fight for the Ather Grids to charge their vehicles. Wherever there is a problem like that charge them.

I understand that people are obsessed with free things. I’m just saying maybe let the new Ather owners charge their vehicles for free for a year at least.

Giving free credits of 1000 minutes per month would be adequate for a common user i guess.


exactly. majority of Grid users should only charge up enough to reach their home, and finish rest of the charging session there. instead of hogging the charger up till 80%. Pay per min ensures people don’t hog the charger and free it up as quickly as possible. and for occasional Grid users, this price is close to nothing. the savings from going to electric are already massive.

this price would only hurt the people who depend majorly on the grid, like delivery drivers. it would cost them Rs1/km or more, bringing it closer to ICE


Why not 10000 free minutes, if you want something for free, ask big. Atleast then they might give you 100 mins


There must be a tab which shows the fast charging history with the amount paid and such details


@abhishek.balaji is the billing update gonna be pushed to older scooters also? GEN 1 AND 1.5? Or its just app based updates.

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TBH, My imagination could not get a better example.

Point was simple: If it was advertised anywhere that Ather Grid would be free for certain period and if it was revoked, it is fair to expect Ather to stick to their words.

Here, Ather kept extending this free charging every few months since 3+ years. In that case, if someone says I bought this vehicle thinking this free charging would extend for 1 more year and now it was revoked, its just a bad timing. Everyone knows, it is only a matter of “when”, not “if” Ather starts charging. Simply because it is not sustainable.


This is an important point that a lot of owners don’t seem to understand.


I am willing to pay for the charging at the Grid. But it should be based on the amount of units I consumed not based on the Time…


@abhishek.balaji wanted to know how would Ather owners like me who bought during Dec 2022 offer are affected by this as we have 1 year free Ather grid access

i was promised too, infact i bought seeing the post of abhishek balaji mentioning Ather connect is bundled for three years from date of purchase

Check this post by Abhishek & head to last line, where its clearly mentioned Ather connect is bundled for first three years.


Even now, this holds true. You will continue to get 3 year connect subscription. Only Ather grid will be chargeable going forward.


my query is Ather connect validity is no where updated, neither in app or account

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they always update it late. it will not stop working out of the blue, don’t worry


Connect pro is free for the revamped pricing of the 450X pro pack for three years, I was asking about the Ather grid being free access until 31Dec 2023.

Ref:Below link


They’ll announce this by end of June mostly.

Whoever bought during this period with special offer should be honoured.

But the app won’t be intelligent enough to reflect it immediately. They may need to update all such users manually, which they might do after free charging period ends.