Help us make the Ather Grid experience better!

Hey folks,

The Ather Grid public fast charging network has been rapidly expanding over the past few months, and we’re not done yet! As thousands of enthusiasts buy into the Ather ecosystem, our goal is to have Ather Grid accessible to everyone. Over the past few years, the Ather Grid network has been free for Ather scooter owners and other EV owners, to encourage faster adoption of electric vehicles across India.

The response to the Ather Grid network has been fantastic, and as more and more Ather scooters hit the road, we are changing a few things to enable fair access for all Ather owners for quick top ups. We started with introducing cut off at 80% charge at Ather Grid locations, and there are a few more changes in the pipeline starting with payments.

Payments @ Ather Grid

We’re introducing a small fee to charge at Ather Grid locations shortly. Charging at Ather Grid locations will be paid, at a rate of Rs. 1/min + GST. This is to reduce unnecessary queues and develop public charging infrastructure, so there are more chargers around, and the fast chargers are freed up for quick top ups.

Help us test out the updates by using your Ather scooter with a new OTA update at multiple Ather Grid points, sharing your feedback on the overall experience, and helping us squash bugs in the experience.

The first 40 testers who spend ₹400 or more at various Ather Grid locations during the testing period, will get exciting merchandise worth ₹1299!

If you’re interested in helping us make the experience better, fill up the form below:


Finally, the best news I’ve heard all day. This is going the make the grid experience much, much better.

  • But how is the payment system introduced?
  • Are we paying via credit card, UPI, or a prepaid system?
  • Is Ather credit valid in payment to Charging at Grids?

How long will the trial/ testing with the testers be for? Is useful for users like me (before entering the testing) who use public chargers on weekend only


Same question even I had as a doubt. Hope we get better clarity.


It’s good that you are enabling the payment , it will surely make the traffic in charging grid low , Before that provide more grids and give free access for the new customers who bought the vehicle for knowing that Ather is providing free fast charging grid , atleast for 1 year , even the price of the vehicle is 1.70 lkh and free subscription for 1 year is not a big deal , May be Ather’s next strategy is hiking the price of the scooter and marketing the customers for free charge for 1 year , Show some justice to the people who bought Ather last couple of months ,… Hope Ather will understand this .


Wouldn’t it be better if we were charged based on the percentage of battery charged instead of how much time we charged the scooter for. Cause I have experienced varying grid charging rate.


1 Re + GST is almost the same as charging at home. Considering you are charging overnight, which will cost almost ~40 and the grid will charge the scooter to 80% in 30-40 mins and after that charging will stop.

But this is in testing phase to test out the system. The Grid was never designed for frequent charging and asking something for free when it was never promised is out of scope.

It’s already done a couple of times in December, January and March.

@abhishek.balaji why is this set on time-based instead of kWh? This will lead to unnecessary wait time.


Interesting concept. Now we get to have a good charging experience. Also if you accept my interest for putting chatging station at my place that will also be good

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the scooter also charges at approximately 1% /min, so at Re.1 /min it should cost about the same

and since the availability of charger is at a premium (not electricity), it makes sense charging per min. u want the charger to be unoccupied asap


Good decision… Meanwhile request to increase the grid also…its better install in new cities as well as fuel station,becouse they have all requirements to build grids. so that people can travel long distance with weeee without worries about range and speed…


How the payment to be done


Finally Good News, this will free up charging grids from those free moochers who plug it in unnecessarily.


Good decision. But i have some points to notice you regarding this.

Im an Ather gen2 user. In most of your Ather grids i usually abled to charge 70% in 1hour time. According to proposed rate i need to pay 60+18% gst≈71 rupees for that charging section. For Ather 450x gen2 battery capacity is 2.6kwh,70% of this 1.82kwh. According to your slab i need to pay 39 rupees for 1unit charging. This is too much considering Kerala scenario.

Here in Kerala kseb installed many fast chargers for cars and many poll mount for every EVs. Even through fast charging they charging only 10.5 rupees per unit. So your ideal rate should be in between 15&20.

Your proposed rate should be based on consumption than time, In last week at club sulaimani kottakal my Ather takes 42minutes for 30% charging. According to your slab i need to pay 50 rupees for 0.8kwh charging. Its too much. These reasons i requesting you to charge based on consumption than time. And ideal charging price is 15-20per unit. Here kerala domestic electricity per unit charge 6/7. And kseb fast charging rates are 10.5per unit. So please consider these rates while fixing grid charging rates

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I think pricing should be based on electricity consumption and not minute wise. Due to environmental conditions n all can effect charging time which i wont feel would be fair to users. Hot summer day it takes more time to charge we consumer will endup paying more. Please set the pricing keeping in mind per unit cost of the particular state.


So FINALLY!! the war at grids will come to an end.


Ather has given free grid charging for 4 years now. They have never advertised anywhere that connectivity or charging is free.

If it’s given for free, we have to be happy and enjoy until it’s available.

So expecting this to be extended for new buyers is :slight_smile:

In stock market, we cannot start investing at the end of Bull run and expect the bull run to continue for us because we joined late won’t work. Same here.


Welcome move, would have participated in this but unfortunately I don’t have any grids nearby :sweat_smile:


why aren’t these Grids showing for you😅

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Yes even I do think this is a good initiative…

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