Got my series-1 delivered. Absolutely horrible seat design

You got everything right, but why not go with the proven seating? Make it flat so that people can find the comfort spot . NO - you went ahead and split the seat for driver and pillion rider. Made the pillion rider seat comfortable and messed up big on driver seat. Perhaps it is designed to hire a driver and owner can sit comfortably in the back. I stood up at every signal to pull out the wedgy pants and try not to fall. Always sliding position. It’s like sitting on a stool and riding a roller coaster. Boy ! My stomach bulges in that position showing off my never seen tummy fat. I know there are road side seat makers to modify the seat. But the material aesthetics will be ruined forever - Rant over!


can you pls share a photo of it?

I am 6 ft in height, and felt that sitting position is a bit lower for my height. Hence after a month ride I felt uncomfortable hence I decided to increase the height, infact I got the same cover as Ather has used for the seat, without disturbing the asthetic look of the scooter.


How is the ride now after increasing the seat height? where did you get it done. Pune? Looks pretty neat.

How is the legroom for a height of 6ft 2 inches and is it okay to handle tight corners.

I am 6’2” and got this done back in 2019. The padding has reduced a bit due to usage.


Yes in Pune, the seat guy was pro, and ride is good after that, I was concern regarding cornering, but that is not a issue as I can sit backwardrds on the seat now

Can some pls suggest seat modification in south Bangalore

This is exactly what I need. Now I need to find someone in Bangalore to get this done.

You can try at this place called “imperial leathers” - near IIM b’lore.

He usually does work for car seats and custom padding. Maybe he can do the seat for your ather. I’ve heard he’s the best!

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Has any one done similar stuff in Chennai?

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Had been there today and spoken with shiva,

He is not doing for 2 weeheler,

beginning of Lalbagh road there is a place called Rao seats i believe - he does seats for motorcycles regularly - Please check if you are in the vicinity.

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Oh damm! Sorry to hear!

Anyone has any idea about seat modification in Ahmedabad??

Sorry bro, no idea

Please some one reply here if done the modification. Actually seating comfort for riders is horrible. I make my wife ride it for sometime so that I sit as pillion. I am looking forward for modification of my seat, can’t ride for even 10 kms.