Feedback on Ather Forum

Is it just me or are others also finding it difficult to navigate the forum now? It’s like 10 new threads being created every day!


We’re restructuring the forum to make it more readable and accessible. You should have a much better experience by today evening. :slight_smile:


Definitely feel it. With so many new owners, this Is was bound to happen soon.

With the addition of new hyperlinks recently, the responsive view has been distorted. The notifications menu is missing ! On big screens it works fine though

Hey guys @Ather.Team don’t you think it’s time we have the option of postings videos on the forum (not YouTube links) and not just photos? Maybe 10-15 seconds long.

Looks like you are not alone. Yesterday i had came across tweet of the one owner of 450(@RajeshChindalu1). Ather had blocked him for asking 450 issues to them
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:flushed:Is this true? @Ather.Team

I’ve seen that particular user’s tweets and comments everywhere. I don’t want to sound rude, but his claims/reasons towards the company seemed bogus. He was spamming the same thing in all the topics of the forum as well.
If you watch the 450X video reviews, you’ll find his comments in the comment section and he never really seems to highlight his issue.

At this point, he’s just trying to gain unnecessary attention unless he can make a sensible claim of what he’s trying to say.


Can we have an option to see the original post when some one edit it.
I was searching for a post that am sure what it is written, but find it edited.

Should be able to see. You’ll find a orange pencil icon on the top right corner of a post. This will let you see the edit history.

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Sorry, I tried in mobile view and desktop. I can see the pencil but not the history.
I guess am doing it wrong !

Apologies for being dumb :slight_smile: I am trying to ask a question. Don’t find a “New post” button. Am I missing something? Thx

Hey! Welcome to the forum. Here’s a handy guide for getting started:

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Hey @Ather.Team, Shouldn’t the white logo be used in the forum dark mode?

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Am I hallucinating or is the Forum looking a lot cleaner and less cramped with multiple colours, today?

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Can confirm, you’re not hallucinating. We made some changes to make it look much much cleaner :slight_smile:


Haha glad to hear that :smiley:

The forum has a new look! Is it a hint? Maybe, maybe not. What do you think of this new look?


Like a dark mode … like it …

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The dark theme looks complete now. :v: I wish if the users with pre-order could also access the forum from the app.

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