EV policies of different states

Good news for EV enthusiasts in India! Both Telangana and Tamil Nadu have passed their long-awaited EV policies.

Telangana has exempted EVs from road tax and registration for the first 2,00,000 Electric 2 wheelers purchased and registered in Telangana. This is a great move since the policy duration is 10 years. We hope a lot more states start thinking of long term benefits for those buying EVs. This also just happens to perfectly coincide with Ather 450X and 450 Plus deliveries starting in Hyderabad in the next few weeks.

Just yesterday, Tamil Nadu also passed their EV policy, exempting EVs from road tax! This policy now means we are able to bring down the price for the Ather 450, 450 Plus, and 450X. We’re evaluating the impact on pricing and the implementation date on-ground. We will keep you posted.

We hope that a lot more of you would switch to their first electric vehicle and make use of the exemptions

This is an important milestone to establish the future of electric vehicles in India and helps accelerate the shift to electric! We’re glad the regulations are moving forward, benefiting the early adopters through incentives.

We also summarized the benefits an early adopter of electric vehicles can get:


100% Road tax exemption until 2022. Proposed amendments to building bye-laws for charging infrastructure for high rise buildings/Tech Parks/Apartments

Policy: https://bit.ly/karevp

Tamil Nadu

100% exemption for road tax and registration until 2022.

Policy: http://bit.ly/tamnevp


No road tax or registration fees for the first 2 lakh E2W purchased & registered in Telangana upto 2030. (who said politicians only think of the short term). Charging points + reserved parking for E2W at metro stations & bus depots.

Policy: http://bit.ly/tlgnevp


100% exemption for road tax + registration up to 2023. Proposal for special EV meter for residential users with tariff capped at 4.75 paise. Subsidies for the first 70K E2W

Policy: http://bit.ly/mahaevp


This one is exciting. Additional state subsidy of Rs. 14K over and above FAME II (this is specific to Ather 450X. May vary for other EVs). Subsidies for charging stations in residential societies (which means fast home charging is now an option)

Policy: http://bit.ly/delhievp

Kerala and Gujarat and West Bengal

We’re yet to find a link to them, Gujarat and West Bengal’s policies. If you have them, post the link below!

Kerala policy: http://bit.ly/kerlevp


As tamilnadu policy is with immediate effect, does that mean that if i book it today, where the price still inclusive of road tax, the road tax would get refunded?

This is great. We should lower the cost of the vehicle now more and sure the sales shall be at great levels. And on roads the Ather 450X shall be the master of all scooters

You can make your pre-order today if you haven’t already. We’re in touch with the RTO officials on-ground, and when their systems are ready to go, we’ll be updating the prices on the website, and for final payment etc.

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Prevailing taxes & registration fees at the time of invoicing will be considered. You can still book the 450x today and hopefully by the time you are ready to take delivery, the RTOs would have updated themselves to not add a road tax while processing registration.

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E- Man, the master of the scooters!

Hi @abhishek.balaji,

When can we expect the new price according to the new EV policies. I want to know the exact time line. It is already delayed much. please work on the pricing as soon as possible.

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So nice. Hope the Karnataka Govt will soon get approval for the proposed amendments.

Karnataka has already waived road tax for EVs. What other proposed amendments are you referring to?

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Proposed amendments for fixing the Dot chargers in apartment building.

Are on-road prices made available in website, could anyone point me the link please