Enable hotspot or e-sim please

I (and many other customers for sure) may not use connected services. So we might stay out of your connected services subscription plans, but at times we may need Maps / navigation functionality (like one or two days in a month). So please enable wifi functionality in the tab.

Alternatively, some customers who might have an extra sim (say - I have an extra data sim from my postpaid family plan) and want to utilize that sim for connected services. I cannot add that sim to this tab. So enabling e-sim services is highly recommended.


Wifi : No hardware available in the Plus or X to support this request.

SIM card : The Plus and X use an eSim.

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So there is a secret menu :grinning:. Now I wonder how us 450 owners can get access to the diagnostic screen and see what is hidden for us.


Everything is possible on the 450X :sunglasses::sunglasses: 450 cannot!

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@Rahul please come on dual incognito mode need to check for WiFi :crazy_face::grin:

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:flushed: what am I seeing ayisa kaisa…:thinking: :eyes:

Can you guide me, how to connect to wifi

This is awesome. then I’ll not buy any “paid” connected services - subscriptions.


  1. Are you able to use navigation using wifi ?

  2. Will the data sync to app when you connect through wifi ? to see all these

    • Ride Statistics on the Ather App
    • Remote Location Tracking
    • Remote Charge Monitoring
    • Over-the-air Dashboard Improvements
    • Push Location from Ather App
    • Ride Statistics on the Ather App

Can you let us know how to access that menu


How to access this menu !!!