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The best part of this video for me is the 2 minutes after 1:00:00. IPO, 100 cities, few scooters, 1 or 2 motorcycles, 2000-3000 charging units, 2 or 3 International markets, a million units capacity.

I was watching it live (and throwing in questions too)… Sameer Contractor was quicker than me, with the same questions, two times! The first time, I didn’t see it, but the second time, I saw and didn’t hit the enter key :slight_smile: It was a nice break on an otherwise hectic Thursday for me!


If this works out, maybe it would make sense for Ather to also start selling compatible adapters to connect Athers to these points?


But then company will lose the value of Ather Charging Points…

Fair consideration; but at this point in the EV adoption curve, any technology that assists the growth of EV ecosystem as a whole is considered a win-win for everyone involved (be it on the seller or the buyer side). At least for the next few years until EV becomes more established in India, I don’t see this development as a risk to Ather in any way :slight_smile:

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Perfect day for this news to come out :slight_smile:


Yes! Maybe even ather can start manufacturing their own batteries instead of importing!

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Some EV scooters in India

And this is my favorite :heart_eyes:



“Chennai Startup Designs First of its kind online course to train EV Engineers”

Posting for those who might be interested :slight_smile:

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They are claiming fast charging 80% in 18 Mins.

Charge for 5 Mins and drive 100KM


The biggest problem for Ather in the immediate future would be the misleading low price benchmarking that will be created in potential customers’ minds owing to the cheap Chinese knockoffs that will inundate the market, branded as “Made in India” and sold to people who will be disillusioned by EVs soon enough after riding these toys.

Oh Kabira, you seem to have committed the cardinal sin: Overpromised, underdelivered…