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Can someone tell this guy about Ather… Why see below link…


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Scooter meaning in india is different compared to a scooter meaning in USA. In USA, if you say scooter the first thing that will come to their mind is this.


Got it…


As per this news will there be any changes in the price of the vehicle.

I see that the batteries are getting manufactured in India will there be any reduction in the vehicle price.

ISRO EV battery Tech

Hi-Tech batteries aims at becoming India’s leading lithium-ion battery manufacturer

Hey Chethan,

No change in pricing is planned for now. As we have communicated earlier, we haven’t achieved unit level profitability yet.

Moreover, these plans are for a longer term. As it stands today, we are importing the cells, prices of which have increased due to falling rupee value over the past couple of months.


Why not sell battery packs with your bms for outside use such as a battery bank for solar or regular inverters. That way they can be connected to 48v to 58v charge voltage of a typical high powered inverter but your on board bms will take care of the balancing.

This way you can buy cells in higher quanity bringing cost down and from more reputed suppliers.

If you are ready to sell the battery pack seperately now, please PM me.

Lots of people are scared to put lead acid batteries inside their house.


Thanks for reply Shreyas…:grinning:

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Some news related to electric scooters in Paris

sharing as info

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In this article they have compared Ather scooter with there product…

Isn’t Hero an investor in Ather?


https://auto.ndtv.com/news/okinawa-i-praise-electric-scooter-pre-bookings-announced-in-india-1962280/amp these guys are claiming top speed of 55kmph with a range of 120km per charge… So I am wondering if it’s the same case with all lithiumion batteries in this segment…

The power is very less in that EV but for people who care about the range more than power it’s good.

Agreed… In that point of view ather is way ahead… I just want them to prove there numbers on spec sheet that they provided telling “no tall claim” … That is it…

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Suddenly everyone wants to jump into EV business… Looks like Ather is in front of all…

They will loose their investment in case if they do that…