Discussion on moderation and flags

I guess cause eco is within the max power limits and speed registered with homologation.

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Exactly. Some sheeps who can’t tolerate anything against Ather is flagging any post that is remotely against Ather. (Hint the post started getting flagged from last week)

That’s shouldn’t be allowed. Because, you can’t keep the company accountable if you can’t critisise them.

Also what I have noticed in 50 flags in a week is mods always prefer to delete it rather than taking a call of it should be flagged or not.


Agreed, they should definitely allow Trust Level 3 members to see the flagged posts like before.

Perhaps also have some new Level 4 members, who can take judgements on the flagged ones and which are not in-topic?


So this post got flagged - I don’t know why because there is nothing abusive or irrelevant about it.

A lot of posts flagged - as far as I remember- were in the wrong category/topic or were non value adding, eg: “yes I to felt the same” etc.

What we would like is users to be more elaborate and add more points to the discussion, while still keeping it on topic. If it veers off, then someone flags it and we either hide (cos it’s not relevant) or move to the appropriate thread.


All users should be able to flag if they find inappropriate content. I don’t believe this should be restricted.

We would however prefer to educate any user that is excessively flagging content, even if the content does not violate guidelines.


4 posts were split to a new topic: 450 (Gen 1 & 1.5) - Smart Eco update

Appreciating Ather won’t be banned or flagged irrespective of topic / wrong category / wrong thread

Just to point out if u tap the vin thing u can see they have that option of switchgear so any clue on that thing ?

Sadly the post has been removed from Twitter

I hope someone will figure out a way around these controller firmware, or I might do it myself in the future.

(post deleted by author)

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posts of users are getting flagged again for unnecessary reasons. these discussions we make are ignored by all level 4 and above. what is the use then?


True. Last week someone commented on 450 Apex topic saying “don’t buy 450 apex now, instead wait for 6 months, company will reduce the price”. I replied to that with Akshay Kumar’s dialogue “zor zor se log ko scheme batadhe”.

Guess what, Tarun gave a :heart: Emoticon reaction. In sometime, my comment was flagged :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:



Simple things like this are getting flagged even when it was on topic.

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I think your post got flagged as people who are fanboys of Ather got pinched on their nose. but seriously, I think it got flagged because on forum rules it’s mentioned to use English as a language of communication.

Hope we can discuss this here then

Like why ? It’s related to our ongoing topic

Exactly, it’s like “The respected mod” woke up and decided to nuke all the convo without going through properly.

He said Ather has some terms and conditions which stops it from giving regen, we were asking him what it is.

Instead of warning him , The respected mod decided to nuke our conversation…

Mods don’t usually flag the post, but they do review it. as far as flagging the post goes, I strongly urge @abhishek.balaji and @smridhi.kalati to make only level 3 and above.


So it’s like any one can flag that and the mods decide to remove it or completely nuke the convo

Commonly yes, but if they change the settings to say member level and above or Regular level and above these flagging the post can be reduced drastically to a certain level of understanding.