450 (Gen 1 & 1.5) - Smart Eco update

that is not true, if it was then gen 1 and 1.5 were also promised Smart ECO. which never came.

avoid name-calling. rather call it which explains the name. I’ll leave you to it. https://youtu.be/5W-Aw99tFBM?si=Ble2xgkPl7XrOp1A&t=81

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I know I am digressing from the main topic, but can’t resist - multiple people, including the product team, have told me that Smart Eco can be deployed via a manual update at the service center. HOWEVER, the techs at the SC absolutely refuse to accept (or understand) that Smart Eco is available for the older 450. I gave up after multiple conversations last time.


Exactly same. Even during one of the last meet-ups, Tarun told we can get Smart-Eco from service centre for Gen 1. I tried asking during two of the service visits and service centre people told they had no idea / not possible.

I had enough issues on service centre to resolve, so thought not to waste time on that.


wait what???. so according to @tarun the update to enable smartECO is just a software flash away? I wonder why they didn’t push an OTA it might be the last nail in the coffin.

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More few years untill we get that option PPL be catching up to jugad

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nah, my hopes are low.

this is a Gen 1 and 1.5 developer’s board. THAT TECHNOLOGY IS ANCIENT.


Mamma Mia that’s a holy relic


I had the same question during that meet, that they could give it as a 5 year anniversary bonus to Gen 1. :smiley:

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They can do lot of things but i think they will not waste even little time thinking about few thousand gen 1 and 1.5 owners. When they have lakhs of other compatible Android version athers

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They have been working on the vehicle since 2014. So this is not that bad lol.

using a 15-year-old OS in 2014. then shipping it out from 2018 to 2021. no wonder ola is beating them in every step.


Isn’t Gen 1/1.5 service handed by Ather itself unlike dealer services for Gen 2 onwards? So why are service guys so clueless?

A few SC’s are run by dealers which might be the reason behind this.

Beating them in Every step except Reliability :face_exhaling:

Most of the ECs are from the Gens of Gen 3 and above

Old Ones are from Gen 2

So No SC People have own exp on Gen 1/1.5

AFAIK They will ping with Service Team from OEM and Guided by Video Call or Sometimes Old Gens take to Blore for Repairs

What say @tpav.vasanth

Well maybe they felt it’s more stable. Because all testing was done in that hardware. There is no point of having i9 13th gen if you are only gonna use basic windows 11

If in a parallel universe, i9 13th gen is available at the fraction of the cost and the technology is readily available. Will Ather still develop a SOB system from past 15 year old os?

My point is not the squash them. But rather make them ready to upcoming technology. The late version when they developed the soc for gen 2 they still selected a soc from 9 year old hardware, when chips like 730 were already available in the market.

I hope when this time they update the soc its a chip with 5G ready and can sustain atleast next 5 years without lagging.


The point is when you buy Chip in bulk you can get it for Pennys instead of $. It’s never about what you want. It’s always about what’s profitable. Ola was never engineered in india. When ola bought the S1 design they got access to everything including vendors. Ofcourse when Ather will build a completely new vehicle they might purchase new tech

Mere penny or loads of dollars. They are digging a grave for the once loved 450 platform.

OLA got the design but they cannot order parts from any of their vendors, since it will contradict with FAME 2 subsidy.

We can keep on arguing but it leads nowhere.


Maybe because auto motive grade chipsets are always 5-6 year’s back compared to consumer grade chips?

Nope. Ather shutdown their company operated SC few months ago. You only get dealer operated SC where the primary responsibility of the technician is to complete as many vehicles as humanly possible in a shift.

So there is no incentive for them to investigate whether your 1st generation scooter can be manually updated or not.

I remember a 1st gen owner messaging me that His lights wouldn’t turn on and chargers (PC and home charger) weren’t charging the scooter - this was after the SC took in his scooter for accident repairs. Mind you, lights and chargers were working before that.

SC was saying his wiring harness was toast and they would have to replace it. He was obviously upset, but insisted that they look at other possibilities as well. After a lot of back and forth, they reached out to the product team who diagnosed it as a S/W issue and had the SC reinstall S/W - Problem solved.