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Wouldn’t the tempered glass/screen protector cause the ambient heat not to dissipate quickly as it should and cause the screen burn in?

When you park your vehicle directly at the sun, the dashboard will be exposed to direct sun light and will be of high temperature. Using a tempered glass will keep part of the heat from dissipating away further causing damage to the screen over time due to burn in.

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i got a tempered glass for 150 from Amazon. the screen looks absolutely clear, no dimming out and it works just fine.

the only problems are a few bubbles, which is because of my inexperience at installing them. the installation tools might be the only reason to go for spigen!

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Anybody having this Keychain of Ather are willing to sell?

I asked while delivery but they said that currently these Keychain’s are not being given while delivery. So, is there any way to buy this?


Yes. Screen guards would make patches and also screen to burn. Seen few complaining on the same. If you park in direct sunlight avoid those.

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Can you share the link, please?

Anybody has found a seat cover which fits new gen 3.1 seats? kindly share link if yes…


Why don’t Ather provide center stand?


Chethan , What’s this :expressionless:

Why didn’t You ask me in Whatsapp :woozy_face:

Will send you Dude :white_check_mark: No Need to Pay - Dear Lord Maximus :green_heart:


if you don’t mind - i would like to buy one too :grimacing:

Haha Dude , I don’t sell anything :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Actually Ather Space Thrissur gave me 2 Leather Key Chains - I thought to share it with Chethan :sweat_smile:

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Better I will start a Business :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Will give Competition to @acorreya :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yup. I should really consider doing keychains soon! :laughing:


:stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue: what do you sell @acorreya

Personally, it looks bad. I believe Ather feels the same.


can be made look better jst like the side stand.

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That will be really interesting.

These are the customisations I am using currently.


Keychain looks good, where did you buy this?

very tastefully done!