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There are a few with Vega and Steelbird in Amazon of different types. Red accented Black ones are now more available than a few months back.


Hi, I was planning to buy bodyguard and some other accessories for my new Ather, but when I contacted the customer care, they are saying that it will void the warranty, is it true? I was planning to buy the favourite auto bodyguard

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I’ve got this Axor helmet to go with my Series 1


Awesome! I love seeing more people get ECE Certified helmets. Great Choice. Happy Riding!


As per the Regional Transport Law, any company selling 2 Wheeler are liable to issue Free Helmets.

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It hasn’t been enforced in Bengaluru yet


It is one of the stupid laws. Better left unimplemented to save you.

  1. It is not going to be free. It will be a hidden cost.
  2. Inspite of paying indirectly, you won’t be able to choose your size / design / brand.
  3. You will be ending up with idle helmets in your home. Unlike phone chargers, this takes up space :slight_smile:

Enforcing 5 year 3rd party insurance was also similar rule, with no proper support during renewal. Finally, they reverted that.


I need your opinion , is it beneficial to keep the scooter on paddock stand as I keep it in my parking for close to 20 hours every day so should I keep the scooter on the paddock stand everytime or side stand is enough? cos my side stand was having a gap when I close it since few months … if I put on paddock stand daily it won’t damage anything right?

Side stand should not be a problem. You could get the gap checked from the service team


Ask them to replace it bro :roll_eyes: