Differences in 450 Plus and X

Now I have noticed something strange that’s is there is same subsidy for both the + and x varient that only means both have same battery pack of 2.9kwh and ather is mostly charging 19010 for nothing,I am saying this cuz as I think both have same specs and ather is restricting the battery,motor, charging speed maybe only the bluetooth hardware maybe extra and this means the battery has more buffer and if u know some basic knowledge of lion batteries ,u know that more the buffer better the battery life,so the 450+ has an better battery life and all the 20% charge technique isn’t required as it has sufficient buffer,ather is doing to earn more profits is what I think,pls correct me If I am wrong I just want to know the actual usable battery capacity of both the x and the + @abhishek.balaji

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The FAME subsidy is applicable on installed capacity vs usable capacity. You’re right about the same subsidy amount, and hence the same installed capacity today. 450 Plus is meant to be a model for a lower price bracket in the market, to ensure that folks looking to get their first EV aren’t too hesitant. The plan is to separate out the specs on hardware in the long term. Today, it doesn’t make sense to build two very different scooters in terms of the hardware.


Can u pls tell me the usable capacity of 450+ also y diff pricing for same hardware? @abhishek.balaji

It’s for ease of manufacturing, it’s more expensive to setup two production lines for differnet products. As a business, we are ok to lose some money on the 450 plus, if that gets more entrants into the EV space. While Warp mode and Bluetooth features are great to have, many just want a ‘basic’ scooter, which is where the 450 Plus shines.

In fact, this is very common in the Auto & Electronics industry:

Also you can find the spec sheet here: https://mk0atherpress4l8sjt4.kinstacdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Ather450X-Spec-sheet.pdf

With good hardware y does 450+ doesn’t get atleast 2.5kwh usable battery,then many won’t by 450x is what ig Anyways thanks for the replies Pre-ordered the 450+😁

The spec sheet link doesn’t open


I’d rather have @ather publish it officially. What I can say, however, is that even models like the 450+ that are supposed to be Bluetooth “incapable” are running on the same display hardware as the 450X, and they are using firmware to block these features out.

Very classy move, depriving + owners of features that are already present and overcharging X owners for a fictitious “hardware upgrade”.


Yeah, I have a 450+ (PLUS) and I can vouch for it. I was surprised on the day of my first OTA update after I bought the scooter, to see that my 450+(PLUS) converted to a 450X(PRO) with Bluetooth functionality and WARP mode with some extra space at the top in the battery SoC indicator, showing that the 450+ also has the same battery capacity as the 450X.

I wonder what “performance upgrade” and “Bluetooth hardware” those 450X peeps are paying for? :smile:

Note : The converted scooter went back to the old 450+ after half an hour.

@abhishek.balaji , do you want me to post pictures of the dashboard of that day?? I could happily connect my phone RAW to the dashboard, but could not use the bluetooth features because the App is required to give me premission.

Considering your sales team has the gal to lie to my face at your showroom that Bluetooth is not available on the 450+(PLUS) because “it lacks bluetooth hardware”.

Isn’t this akin to Ather just shooting themselves in the foot? :joy:


I do. Please do the honors.

+1. From what I gather, this is an entry level tablet sourced from Micromax with cost, not capability being the defining attribute. Sealing it off completely from any fresh airflow makes it even worse.

Do I really post the pictures? What if it hurts what Ather has been professing until now about the 450+? Since the company and moderators are so kind as to allow people to share beautiful pictures on the forum, all credit must be attributed to them. The credit of being able to experience WARP mode on my 450+(PLUS) and finding similar and equal battery capacity as the 450X is a refreshing feel. Also, finding how blatantly capable of lying that Bluetooth features cannot be made available for the 450+ because of lacking hardware has opened this junior’s eyes to the mystical.


This in fact has been discussed at length in some other threads when 450 Plus was first announced. Software-restricted versioning is common now in automobile industry, akin to what you see in many software/apps on your computer or phone. A thread that might be relevant here:

Ather had made it clear that until the 450+ order volumes are sufficiently high, it wouldn’t make sense for them to have a separate line of 450+ specific parts (dashboard & battery pack).

All 450x & Plus sold till date are the same H/W platform with features limited by software.

With an iPhone, the app is not even required for Bluetooth connectivity.

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And yet, people are being told by CS and dealerships that the 450+ is not BT capable because of “hardware differences”. Hell, you were convinced until not very long ago that there’s no WLAN capability on this device What a lovely cluster!

Only when an issue is dragged out into the light does everyone come out of the woodwork presenting justifications that are full of holes.

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Whoa. Makes me wonder what else is software limited! Is ather purposefully screwing with us just to see how pissed off people can get with bad software? You know as a case study? Or is it like you want me to get so frustrated that I take the anger out on my dear vehicle and then break something it by mistake and have to pay you to repair it? #conspiracytheory

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Oh, where have they made it clear on their front page website? Or maybe in their FAQs? Or are you implying that the sales team at the showroom is completely justified in lying to my face about the absence of Bluetooth and WiFi hardware?

Excuses like these may have worked at the inception of the mobile phone. But now? Seriously? Even a loner in the mountains holds a mobile phone please.

Haha, here is a moderator helping us justify that the “performance 'UPGRADE” doesn’t actually exist. Ather should rephrase it correctly as “disabled features enabled to create a model for an extra 19k”. Nothing has been upgraded infact. The 450+(PLUS) should be called the “performace restricted(by software)” model.

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Calm down buddy. No need to make it personal. This was mentioned in one of the Open Houses that the hardware would remain the same until unit economics works out for them.

And I hope you understand Moderators are not employed by Ather. We get the same hardware and level of service that any other owner gets.