Differences in 450 Plus and X

I totally agree with this. Though I am not sure about the technical details and the numbers, I can confirm just like everyone else that the 450+ is just locked by software and that even the Branding doesn’t come from the factory itself. Let me explain

I wanted to do a PDI for my vehicle once it arrived in stock, so I requested that I physical inspect the vehicle before they sent it for RTO process. The experience center people initially didn’t agree but eventually gave in and brought the vehicle out front. So what they did was opened the settings page for me to verify the chassis number. Though I forgot to take pics at that time, I was clearly able to see that bluetooth settings tab was visible and I was confident that even warp mode, and that extended range would be there, I just forgot to take pics. Also, the person was really surprised that I opened the boot to verify the chassis number and also went down to see the engine number, all thanks to the community here :blush:.

Another striking point I noticed that the vehicle was missing the sticker whether it’s a 450x or 450+ in the sides of the vehicle. Also like others said that it’s registered as 450x only… I’m very confident that the factory only sends 450x. On the basis of orders, they must be installing the software restrictions and branding in the experience center itself.


Well yea. I don’t know why people are so surprised. It’s difficult (read not feasible) to manufacture two different products for ather currently. It would be much easier for them to roll out one product and tweak it to make another one. It’s a standard industry practice. I’ve seen this in quite a few places as well. If the demand of 450+ increases exponentially then they could explore the option to manufacture units specifically for it.

Also, I don’t get why its bothering people? You’re getting what you paid for? I’m talking exclusively in terms of hardware not software. People asking ather to unlock battery capacity and Bluetooth, etc is like you going to a 3BHK service apartment or a hotel, paying for 2 rooms to sleep in and telling the management to open up the 3rd locked room that you didn’t pay for just because it’s there and no one is using it?

I get you’re frustrated about things like subpar software like maps etc. But you can’t demand ather enable bluetooth and extra range on the 450+. Why? Because you didn’t pay for it! If they want to do it let them do it out if their own good will.

Also, think of the sh*t storm that would follow if they did, I personally know of a few 450X owners who would bring litigation on them because they paid extra for the same stuff.


I can attest to this sentiment. I’m a 450+ owner, and I felt duped when I learnt that all the hardware I’m paying for cannot be used to it’s full potential just because the manufacturers hit a ‘restriction’ button. I was under the delusion that it was my battery, my motor and my belt drive after I’d paid for it., so I could do what I wanted with it. This whole software restriction issue is being fought about even by Tesla owners. At the end of the day, such disappointed owners can only blame themselves for not reading the Terms and Conditions before making a deal of purchase with the company.


Well, even when you purchase hardware items like intel chipset and certain software, they do have software/firmware locks. From a manufacturer perspective, it is easier to run a same line for all intel i# processors and then disable certain areas to create i3, i5, i7 etc.

I am not sure if this is the exact process with those chipsets, but it definitely is a thing in markets.

Moreover, both 450x pro and plus are publicised in the website, and it is expected to be what you choose with the ₹ you spend.


Absolutely! And all the litigating parties of Tesla are not doing the customers any favour. If these cases win in court, more than opening up the software of the vehicles, the manufacturers are more likely to just STOP selling the lower (read: software-restricted) versions of their vehicles. After all, why should they face flak from the buyers of higher-end versions by giving them the same features as the lower-end versions? That would just convince everyone to just buy the lower version. This is obviously not in the auto manufacturers’ interest, and the easiest way out would be to just retain the higher-end version for sale.

So in the end, people who were okay with some lower specs being made available for cheaper costs will ultimately suffer…

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I understand. An extra 10km of range isn’t a big deal to brood over, for a 450+ owner.

On a another note, I’m surprised the 450X owners don’t feel duped after paying a whooping 19k for Bluetooth and 10 km of range extension, after the prices were bumped up by ather, stating losses with their initial business model.

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You are correct, and it was a ruckus when 450x was launched. But those who brought the 450x (at least the series 1 folk) had a year or more to think and decide whether to get it or not.

…and then comes the legal red tape on that fancy bluetooth feature. :slightly_frowning_face:

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If only :joy:. IMO even in Tesla’s case it won’t go anywhere to make a big change. The fundamental argument is that you’re getting exactly what you paid for. If you’re able to break into the software and enable stuff that’s a whole different issue.

Exactly! If I knew that I could do some tweaks here and there without voiding my warranty and save 20k I would have done it too. Who wouldn’t?

Bluetooth, yes. I’m livid. It works sometimes, it doesn’t sometimes but the 10km of range I’m actually okay with. I’ve come home some days with very close margins.

Also someone please correct me if I’m wrong,I’m not a master on battery tech, but theoretically speaking shouldn’t the batteries on the 450+ last considerably longer than the 450X given the fact that in addition to the 5% buffer on both sides you also have a restriction on the usability of the battery?

If you maintain that extra buffer on the 450x to match up with the 450+,you should theoretically get similar battery life.

No, but the actual usable battery capacities are different right? That’s what I’m trying to say.