Share your feedback on the pricing of 450X!

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Ather Service is not included in both these subscriptions. If we would like to opt-in for the service as well then what would be the cost ? If the Ather service is a standalone subscription pack then please do let us know how much it’s gonna cost/month.


True bro. After seeing the 450x launch I went and canceled my x Pre order and ordered a 450.


So, pricing is something @Ather.Team is clear on why it is priced at 1.59L. So, revising this is upto them on based on how market reacts. May be post July based on how the pre-order rate picks up.

Enough feedback has been given and I am sure Ather has read all those. So, I guess now they are only trying to see how they can tweak Subscriptions.

@abhishek.balaji The plans shown above does not have Ather Service Subscription. Is it intentional?


I understand why single hardware with software based limitation makes sense with low volumes…

But, Bluetooth feature is something you should consider taking it out of Pro Plan. Because, majority might want Bluetooth but not interested in Higher Range or Higher Speed or Unlimited Warranty.

So, forcing that group of buyers to choose Plus / Pro will hurt Ather and the potential buyer.


There is a bit of irony in this statement actually: Tesla is among the pioneers who led the way with subscription-based unlocking of features in the automobile industry afterall :sweat_smile:

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Yes, Ather Service is optional if you want to take the subscription. For those who pre-ordered before 28th, and eligible for the collector’s edition, 1 year of servicing is free anyway.

In both these subscriptions, you have Ather Charge equivalent features included. As mentioned earlier, service will be an optional subscription you can add on. These details will be announced a little later.

To reiterate, your vehicle will still have 3 years of warranty, along with infinite warranty on the battery. Service plans are purely for scheduled maintenance, if you choose to take it. You can also opt to not take it and pay per service when you need it.

I have been following Ather for the last 4 years and waiting for you guys come to my city. I postponed purchasing new 2 wheeler for the last 2 years as I want it to be electric only. I have been disappointed with Ather subscription plans for 450 itself. But 450X subscription plans takes that to another level.

Here is what I want as Ather 450X purchase plan:

  1. Upfront price that includes full vehicle ownership including battery with Dot charger and its installation.
  2. Over the air updates to resolve any necessary issues and bugs for free.

All other things need to be optional:

  1. Ather grid public charging (tariff can be high as it needs to cover equipment costs),
  2. Portable charger
  3. Connected service like navigation, etc…
  4. Extra performance
  5. Extended warranty for 4th and 5th year.

I was hoping for Ather to kickstart electric revolution in Indian two wheeler industry after 450 reveal and Ather’s public promise of even cheaper models in 2 years. But after 2 years since 450, we got much higher priced 450X with paltry increase of range and performance. Pricing of 450X will make it a very niche product. Without scale its difficult to survive and thrive in automobile industry, especially Indian automobile industry.


Yep, to add to this, you can check the software based upgrades they offer, along with the connectivity plans: and

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This exists! The upfront purchase option at 1.49L or 1.59L includes full ownership with Dot charger. Installation through Ather is available at a nominal cost, or you can do a self installation. Any critical bug fixes will be delivered to your scooter at the service centre if you don’t take the connectivity plan.

We’ve updated the website to reflect the same:

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Wrong. image

This is like Ather connect / service / charge / One - I am fine with it

There is no subscription based software locking of performance in Tesla.

Eg. No Model S Plus & Model S Pro (based on amount you pay we will unlock performance)

But they have a specific model P100D which is distinct in hardware.

Even the recent $2000 Model 3 performance upgrade,

They never locked any performance in the first place, they just explored and remapped and able to achieve quicker 0-100 in later time, then they pushed it as a optional upgrade package to the customer.


I am aware of it. The main issue here is 450X plus with the same specs as 450 costs 40 to 55K more.

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Upfront price Yearly maintenance contract optional

All manufactures do this until they have enough volumes to justify different hardware lines :slight_smile:


We had addressed this earlier, Srinivas.

The price of Ather 450X and the current on-road price of Ather 450 are not comparable because the Ather 450 is extremely underpriced at Rs.1.13 lacs on-road. We did this to introduce a premium product in a price-sensitive market when we launched. In fact, if we had continued with 450, we would have had to increase the price eventually.

The 450X Plus is offered as an option for those seeking specs similar to the 450, but with an upgraded connectivity package and dashboard.


Those one time upgrade for Tesla and not monthly subscription.

Similar in line for Ather would be like,

Buy 450X Plus for 1.5L Upfront and any time pay just 10k to convert it to 450X Pro permanently.


Sure, you can choose to go with any of the subscription plans based on your usage and wants. There is flexibility in switching between the performance packs under subscription.

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@abhishek.balaji Don’t mistake me, I have 2 Ather 450, and I am definitely going to buy 450X Pro Upfront.

Only thing concerns me is the monthly premium amount, It should never be there for anyone, rather it should be the one time upgrades if at all you need that two model as you said.