Deliveries: Chennai

Any Chennai people get payment window open mail?
Any guess when open payment window for Chennai people.
I order pre-order in 6/July/2019
But till now not get any mail about payment window.


Hey Mohan,

Even I have ordered in Chennai on 6th July first batch @ ambassdor pallava. Dint get any communication still.

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Thanks for reply
But in Bangalore customer pre order in July 15, payment window open in 3rd Aug.

Guess they are setting up charging infra first in Chennai. i visited show room last week and the I was told payment window may open by next week. Not sure if this i reliable info though

are you sure? we will get our vehicle so soon

Bangalore and Chennai timelines will be different I guess.

As per the announcement, The first batch of vehicles in Chennai should be delivered in September which means that by Aug 3rd or 4th week, your payment window should open.

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Not received any communication regarding the payment window. Awaiting for the same. Preordered on the 7th July.

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Not all customers. I ordered in Bangalore on 6th July and I haven’t received the payment link.

Eagerly waiting for an update from Ather about Chennai deliveries. I pre-ordered on July 6th at the launch event, haven’t heard anything about payments or delivery yet.

Even I have pre-ordered on 6th July. Still payment window has not opened nor any mail updation. Also in app, it is mentioned as expected delivery in September. Will the delivery day exceed?

I ordered on 6th July too. In Bengaluru. My payment is done. My charger has been installed too. My delivery is scheduled for 22nd August.
As shreyas said

So I think they’ll start opening your payments by the end of this month or September. If not earlier. I don’t think they’ll push your dates as they seem to have good inventory.

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I also read Tarun’s statement in Times of India the other day where is says Ather’s yearly production capacity is 10,000 bikes as of now which can be pumped upto 30,000.

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Ya their bottleneck is definitely not production anymore. It’s everything after that. From charger installation. Registration, the HSRP plates.

Yes agree

I wish they send the payment mail a bit late . Aug last week Tamil Nadu govt may announce EV policy. That may reduce the price of ather by another 5k.

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Maybe that’s why ather is delaying it themselves. They did the same for th GST cuts for Bangalore.

Any update about payment window opening?

Hi Team…

If any one from first batch is in plan to withdraw from getting 450… Please do tag me here… or whatsapp to 9789820759. I can swap :slight_smile:

@kumar.senthild Are you really swapping with @chandru_13… Else let me know I can swap…
Thanks in advance

Hi Gokul, after lot of follow up with support team , delivery date swapped between us.(order number remaining same). @chandru_13 helped me lot for this swap.

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Thats good to hear bro :slight_smile: