Declassifying connectivity and smart scooters with Sripriya GN

Why is Ather so bullish on building connected scooters? Why do I have to pay for connected services? Why can’t I just use my phone? If you’ve ever wondered why Ather doesn’t make a dumb scooter, tune into find out the journey in building connected tech, and why the future is connected tech.

Listen to the audio version:


@abhishek.balaji , Really a detailed video on connected services , its current state and future capabilities, however I really feel more than the connected features Ather really need to pull up their socks on the Customer care experience and Ather service centre experience, off lately lot of customers are complaining about new issues coming up post periodic services, this area if unlooked will cause a lot of unhappy customers. I myself have been a victim of issues post period services, I feel there a real need to address this issue, we can still live with some connected feature issue and flaws but totally not with, bad service experience and absolute disconnect between Ather customer care and Ather service centres, Hope some action is initiated.


Loved the conversation about the software experience. Still a long way to go IMO. The main focus should be on providing a much “BETTER” experience with the current software. Still we face issues like lags, bugs and network drop outs. Secondly, the dashboard hardware is not good. Using it is a pain while zooming in or out. Waiting for the keyboard to come up. Responsiveness in general is not good. Bluetooth is under par as picking up calls is hit or a miss, listening to music is a stressful experience as no option to control volume, can’t speak to the assistant to play a certain song or ask it to navigate somewhere. Thirdly, the Ather grid app is a disaster as it is confusing and unreliable. The grey color status causes confusion. There is a need to add a new status for “grid in use” and also for “under maintenance” Several of us are using jugaad like jio router, smart plugs just for scheduled charging or starting stopping charging remotely. Phantom drain while the charger is plugged in still a small concern. Ather can come up with smart charging but that’s been under works since ages. They are also taking way too long for TPMS.


Was really nice to know what goes behind the software part. Highlights for me would be product market fit (though I don’t think it made into the final edit, but only listening to it was fun), Savings tracker and invisible charging. ( no, not actually invisible charging for those who didn’t see). Hey, I might’ve contributed to more views :stuck_out_tongue:

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