Community Day - January 7 Bangalore - Who are all Join us there!

The seat upgrade is free for all existing Gen 3 owners or those who have booked Gen 3 ?


Free for all Ather owners who attended the event in person in Bangalore


Ok thanks.

₹3200 for purchase

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I would love to meet everyone too. I’m at the drinks counter. Let me know if anyone is nearby!

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Some useful links for all the details

They have given a small replica of a seat in the merchandise bag, which should be handed over and get seats upgraded.

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I got the new AtherStack 5 update. All the vehicles that attended the event have got the new update.


Gen 3 or gen 2?

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Ather stack 5 update is for gen 3 and gen 2… only difference is auto hold is not available in gen 2 due to hardware restrictions


Both Gen 2 and 3 have got the updates.


When does the new update roll out to everyone?


Probably by this month end for all Gen 2 and 3 users.


Question for OG Gen 1 owners, has anyone figured out the upgrade process or knows where it’s been documented?

No. Only the announcement so far.

Upgrade cost (If opted this quarter)

Less than 3 year old: 70k More than 3 year old: 80k

If upgraded after this quarter: 10k extra

Assumption: Subsidy eligible through Aadhaar

Fine print and process may be updated soon. Your successor @abhishek.balaji may know it better :blush:


Oooff, WHAT. A. DAY. :zap::100::partying_face: Thank you so much for hosting the Community Day and making me a part of it. I loved each part of it to the core. It was also a great to know about the various things live, meeting owners and the Kind and helpful Ather team finally and getting to experience the newest stuff first. The attention to detail in every thing like merch, booths, goody bags etc Is immense. Also finally met @tarun and @swapnil.iitm . Them being busy still waited to chat with us and click photos made my day end on a perfect note! And the merchandise ( free one and paid :p) icing on the cake. Hoping for many more Community Days and some event in Indore with all the team making it. Perfect Saturday! :heart::sunglasses:.

PS. Special thank you to the F and B team. :stuck_out_tongue:


Great Thanks for sharing pics brother … Makes me feel i am also there. I wish I was there i am to far off in Northern Part of India in Dehradun, i can imagine & feel the energy. :100::tada::confetti_ball: what’s all in the goodie bag? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If others share the pics would be awesome. :grin:

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Did anybody recorded the complete video of receiving awards? Ather didn’t post it in their YouTube channel or Instagram.

Also they took some more video’s when we were riding with the community to the event. Even that isn’t available anywhere. So if anybody receives please share to me also.


no problem! Hopefully the later events. The goodie bag has a couple of pamphlets for the event, diary, stickers,tumbler and a mini seat to upgrade the scooter’s seat.


I agree with every single thing shared by Tanishq. An event like no other. @tarun and team have done an outstanding presentation of what being part of Ather family is like. I do not say this because I was one of the lucky ones to get the opportunity to be a part of it but with the way the team is always humble, helpful and always welcoming towards everyone. I remember when I went for F77 event Narayan didn’t even speak to his prospect customer properly but on the other hand, Tarun here is always willing to hear everyone and make them feel part of his dream brand. Hats off to you, Tarun. I would also like to publicly apologise for stealing those few mins of your family time post the event got over.

Ather never seems to disappoint it’s customers no matter if they have the 450 or the 450x. I think all the complaints and the left out feeling of the 450 owners have been put to rest now with that mind boggling exchange offer. Where some of the Gen 2 owners of 450x like me did hate to not get the Auto Hold option but it’s understandable that you can’t change the hardware once installed. Still hoping to get the cruise control cos for engineering duds like us we still feel that maybe its just the software that will do the magic. So fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: because with Tarun, Swapnil, Hari and the rest of the team they might bring that smile on our face with that feature.

Thank you Ather for understanding our pain in the butts by giving the seat that extra comfort and overhauling the design (yet to try it fully once I get it).

To summarise my experience and i am sure many other fellow Atherians it was WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Experience.