Colour the 450X, your way!

Yup, I tried many different color schemes in Photoshop and this seemed to kinda look cool.

It’s actually supposed to be a light blue with tangerine rim highlights. Does this mean I get free cookies? :stuck_out_tongue:


So no one gonna acknowledge that this is basically series one without the red stripe in the front? XD


Damn close!


@abhishek.balaji Will these panels from 450x collector’s edition fit my existing 450? :see_no_evil:

And when are the winners going to be announced?


@abhishek.balaji when are you announcing the winners.?


Is this competition still open? :smiley:

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There might be a possibility that Ather dot are colored same as Ather 450X :zap:

For example,

Black - Black dot

Green - Green dot

Collectors edition - Red dot :grin:


No. There’s only one color of the dot. We shared these different colours as a teaser on the new colours available - black + yellow, mint green + orange.

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you can paint them to your liking, Hope Ather does not avoid warranty, just 2 screws are holding the front portion, after removing it, remove the Light part and can paint/ spray paint it

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Well that is true :grin:

It’s a fun weekend DIY paint job : )

here you go not professional quality but will look good once I get hands-on a side panel green Ather logo which I’ll place in the lower center below fan


The paint job looks very pro. How did you paint it. Was it using spray paint. Did you use a primer or painted directly.

Direct spray, the coat already includes primer just sand it with 3000 grit sand paper clean it with ipa 70% and spray it, do remove the cover from body and the led indicator, the spray brand is rustoleum 3 light coats will do the trick

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Just saw this and thought Teal might be a good option for the future @tarun @abhishek.balaji

PS. This mint green is just so speciall looks so different everytime you look at it.