Charging without crowding


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Pls install charger in Wagholi No charger here almost 20 to 30 athers but not a single fast charger we are not expecting this after paying 1Lakh

Grid points disappearing in Mumbai? Did anyone else notice?

Not only in Mumbai am seeing grids are not working for month in Chennai.

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Decreasing in gurgaon too.

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People talking about Grid points decreasing, me here in Lucknow where my only showroom and service centre alongwith only grid point in city center has disappeared.


Same here in gurgaon. Firstly they closed the service centre. Then they closed the showroom. Now even the grids are decreased from approximately 7 to 2.

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#GRID no Ather gird in Bengaluru near by cites #kolar # #Mulbagal #srinivaspur and #chintamani etc.

So, I think I’m starting to get their logic… I don’t think they mind the lack of ppl wanting to charge… the ppl willing to pay and charge us also quite high… I think their logic is to charge only as much as u need so as to not treat it as a replacement to the charging at home… treat it as a luxury for emergencies instead

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Absolutely yes most of the folks now stick to 10-15 mins of charging at grid which is good enough in city limits infact i did charged once as i forgot to charge at home and with grids getting decongested its good but pricing/min is a pure business move


I bought mine in December so my grid charging is free till December 31st this year… And I live close to athers first store ever in Indiranagar. At night usually I used to go for walks so I used to charge the scooty at the grid while walking… And so I feel like I have had a very intimate idea of the traffic at the grid… I feel like the people that use the network regularly are delivery workers and since there’s always a good number of them I still feel like the overcrowding issues was never solved…

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As long as its a B2B use case spending 80 to 90 rs for 80% charge wont be bothering the delivery aggregrators and they will continue to use the system while there can be varied use cases for every rider i dont think prices can de congest the grids especially the number of scooters on the road now they need to come with eiether expansion plans or adopt a design like vida to support two charging guns per charger

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Instead you cam bring standard 1 year free of cost use of fast chargers for new owner. This is wrong we were told while booking and buying that one of the perk of buying Ather scooter compared to ola tvs etc is it provides free of cost charging at its public charger.

You already are taking a premium price tag on 450s even if it provides only 90 km range that to in eco mode and small boot space and almost 35000 costly than ola s1x plus also all paid services from starting.

The least you could do is keep the free fast charging still rolling on atlest for a year or two


NOONE keeps your charger occupied. For unnecessary time as everypne has there work to finish.

You should upfront SAY if you DONT WANT TO PROVIDE FREE CHARGING. you should not blame on consumers.

Before they started charging for the grid, the grids use to be packed with people who only used fast charging. Since discontinuing the Free Grid, most of the grids are free.


Ather wallet amount is not updated Once wallet is exhausted vehicle ia not charging

At this time only we can realise that we beed to top up the wallet

Kindly help to check fix the issue