Charging habits

Hi everyone & @abhishek.balaji I m very new to Ather a week ago took delivery of 450X , I have 2 doubts please anyone can help me with these ?

1-whats is good charging habits in % wise because my daily travel will be 32km and I am charging daily from 50% to 80% will it be safe ? Will it effect chrage cycles ?

2- Why sports mode is less power and torque as compared to Ride mode ? Anyone else facing the same ?

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Hi, welcome to Ather family.

Yes, this pattern is good.

Some people have reported this… However it is yet to be confirmed by Ather officially. If it is really true, it may get fixed in the next software update.

This a nice balance for battery degradation as well as to deal with range anxiety. I’d recomend you to do that 50-80% charge before starting your day, maybe early morning. Rather than a charge at the end of the day and leaving it overnight at 80% But I have my doubts if you can get 32Km in 30% charge. If not go up to 84% and just drain it as much as you want that day check out this post
And this Smart Charging Ather doesn’t really have a top buffer ( atleast the 450 doesn’t) so it’s better to avoid getting close to 100% on a regular basis, And rather go down to 35-40% SoC instead.

No exactly 50% I mean … It going up to 45% sometimes dependence on my ride patterns but I m using always WARP mode … I want to know from u guys is if I do charging like this daily it will effect to charge cycles ?

That’s okay. It’s good actually. It’s better to avoid charging to >80% and avoid going <20% that’s it. That’ll slow your battery degradation.

Well any charge will affect charge cycles. But 50-80 is better than 70-100 Ideal would be 35-65 or 40-70 but that comes with its own share of range anxiety So don’t worry.

Thanks @Suraj_madhu for the info Thanks @rajeshkav too