Charging at Ather Grid

Bro try that grid which is showing green in Ather grid app :+1:t2:

Actually, both the grids were green and live. :grimacing:

Ohh than bro it seems to be some sort of issue

Finallyyyyy!!! one more grid which will make Bangalore to mysore more easier with a peaceful mind of having lesser range anxiety

Its also open 24×7 :v:. Ather i request you that please do not remove this charger at any cost. I was thinking to go to mysore this Dussehra and you have installed this charger just at the right time, wonderful :mending_heart:

Also one more point is installed next to UB city, It has FREAKING 4 points!! No other charging station in Bangalore city has four points. I should visit there once or if anyone visits there please share a photo here, curious to see how it looks. Don’t know what does it mean but it says Ather CI Lab.

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Charging Infrastructure? And it has four points labs about Grid?

Yeah might be :thinking:


Can we please have a charger with at least 2 points in Bandra, Mumbai…? It will make the trips to the fort so much easier and fun. Thanks :heart:

It’s not been few weeks after installing it :sob: Already something has happened.

What if i had planned my ride to mysore, Keeping all the luggage ready and everything and I wake up at morning to leave with a full josh and see that the grid is under maintenance. Then i should watch the mysore Dussehra in YouTube live :joy:

NMR is back active they’ve upgraded the grid to 2.0 :tada::smile:

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FYI, I have discovered another charger inside the UB city parking in the basement apart from the one on the open parking.

I guessed CI meant Coffee day India as the location was exactly pointed to CCD there and also its CCD HQ, so it can be called as CI. But the security there says, there’s no charger inside the CCD parking

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Yeah there are 2 points in UB city one in the outside and another in the basement, i knew this.

Yeah that charger is actually been removed in the app right now. It’s been happening frequently but if CI is for coffe day India then what was lab especially for.

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I wanted to ask this question in the owners meet (which unfortunately did not happen).

I personally think Ather might shift focus from grid points within the city. Given the gen 3 has pretty good range for in city rides, they might reduce the number of grid points here and (hopefully) increase it on highways. But unfortunately, all I see is reduction everywhere. Imagine your own Ather space grid point not working!

I remember @tarun signing something with the CM in Bangalore for setting up EV grid points (honestly didn’t think much of it or have big hopes, because, well, government). Interested to know what the progress on that is.


Looks like they’re already doing it. Connecting cities. Mumbai - Pune ; Vellore- Thirupathi ; Thrissur- Coimbatore and the whole stretch from Kannur to Khozikode which is the most surprising. SO MANY grid chargers in Kerala. Anyone know why?

I still don’t know why Mysore and bangalore are not connected by grid chargers. Even after so many years.

The updated trip planner is much better than before. Allowing round trips.

But still quite inconsistent. Like here, suggested a detour when there is a charger on the route(back).

I don’t know what the MOU meant found this one grid point called “Ather grid, Sompura” no restaurant no shop no business mentioned. A stand alone grid point @tarun

Maybe @Phani.S or @HariprasadReddy could post a picture of this grid point


More grids in kerala because it’s one of the fastest growing and largest market for Ather now


They are increasing the number of grids state by state…Kerala is now completely connected…The next focus is now on TamilNadu and they’ll rapidly increase the chargers in TN…This doesn’t mean that there will be no installation of new chargers in any other state it’ll be considerably low …

It’s going up super fast everywhere. Added 120 new fast chargers already this month.

Will cross 1000 chargers India wide in a couple of months.


Thats a lot of chargers considering pan India I guess


Thanks @tarun :heart:… putting more plugs at the existing grids will be lovely…! :blush: Eagerly waiting to hear about potential sports bike. With the Ather grid coverage, bike should be next.


Whatever,our Coimbatore lion (@ChefARun)is getting ready for an all India tour via Ather in a couple of months…He has already completed Coimbatore-Delhi and Coimbatore-Goa via an Ather 450X Gen2…He would be happy to hear this though :sweat_smile:


Awesome… Hoping for a well spread network…