Changing Stock Tyres

thank you guys, i understand. makes sense

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I tried getting the rear tyre replaced with the 110/80 12 mrf zapper n. But upon installation it was touching the front of the swing arm. Ather had the 100/80 12 in stock replaced with that.

Stuck with 110/80 12 mrf revz n tyre(should have checked with the SC first on the stock). Anyone with a ntorq or ola. Please message here if you are interested in buying this.


You wont find the Ather sizes outside

Did you by any chance click pictures to show how close the tyre was to the swing arm? Also might be an option to remove the tyre hugger if it’s too close, but that might mean a free mud shower riding on wet roads :joy: I’m planning on getting the same mrf 110/80 tyre on my gen2 450x. Edit: just saw the posts above, I might go with tvs eurogrip

I remember someone had 110/70-12 (not 80) installed successfully. Beware, if anything breaks by defect, warranty will be void.

Both 90.90.12 and 120.70.12 has same height from center and so, same road touching circumference by calculation.

Tire height = 9.6 cm
Tire circumference = 30.159 cm


It does not touch the hugger, but there absolutely zero clearnce b/w the swingarm and tyre on zapper n 110/80 12

You need some clearance for the debris like sand through pass through otherwise you get good grinding noise.

The service centre is using the 100/80 12 zapper FN not zapper N. Dont know why the tyres meant for front was used on rear. Disappointed


Zapper FN is not the same tyres that come with Gen3 vehicles. We need to use Zapper N if you want the same tyres and pattern. Zapper FN nearly looks like it but it’s compound and pattern are Different.

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Recently changed to Jk tyre Blaze 90/90/12 for rear. Good quality tyre with decent price.

Who said to you this :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

120 :hushed: will juice it like anything bro :sweat_smile: