Changing Stock Tyres

Any one changed the tyre - which make/ model and what’s the approx price for a better grip?

Michelin city pro same spec as factory mrf to avoid change in odo. Superb grip… I paid 1800 for 2 tyres. Got 500 off for old mrf each

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Michelin City Pro have got good reviews.
Also Timsun tyres are good.

3 Likes - is this the right size? Not very expensive, I assumed Michelin would be massively overpriced.

The 450’s tyres are 90/90-12 (both front and rear)

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How is the grip?
Is there any change in range?

Is there the same air leakage problem? How’s the efficiency?

Efficiency no change. Grip is 10k times better no skidding under normal usage. Also the ride comfort improves 10k times as the mrfs wer just hard as hell. Air loss is also significantly improved as i havent refilled for a month now. I took a risk and it massively paid off

To people changing tyres, do it at michelin store or some good atore where they have the mono stand as whole wheel needs to be taken out and no center stand in ather


Where did you get it done?

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Michelin store varthur junction whitefield

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Who ever needs to change should go together.
4-5 vehicles…
We shall get a very good bargain


I’m up for getting this done next week.

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I will have to wait for Eid. I will get some pocket money then… I can buy it.
My mom will not understand why exactly I want to change the tyres…
Please can you wait until I recieved sufficient money!!


Me too - ready for next week

Me too ready for change

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Any one looking for Tyre change in and around Yeshwanthpur, Can contact my Brothers outlet Contact : Avinash : 8971527743

Are you all planning to go the Varthur shop?

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Any contact number/ google maps link for this Varthur junction store?

Today, I stopped at - SLD tyres on Double road. These chaps were asking for 1400/tyre and no value for the old tyre. They said this is a non-standard size and used only by the Wego . Activa/ Access etc use a different tyre size.

We might have to go to JC road or something like that to get a better price. It’s selling at 1343 on Amazon -

Another site has it at 1224 including fitting: - so this might be the easiest option for 2448 for 2 tyres including fitting (but no buyback for old tyres).

Tyre Empire
No. 633/727/732, Opp. Sigma soft tech park, Ramagondanahalli, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066
090080 00000

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Oops my bad it was tyre empire