Bounce Infinity with Removable battery

Bounce Infinity with Removable battery announced.

Preorder @ 499

Good times for Indian 2W EV space


Apparently they have a website for it too

Found this pic on LinkedIn

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That Hub motor immediately put me off! Otherwise it looks like a lot of catalogue parts put together and homologated. Might work for bounce city ride rentals but for owning…sorry!

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This seems to be coming out of their recent acquisition:

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Also setting up a battery swapping infrastructure across a city alone can be a big challenge. One can definitely say bye bye to long romantic Romeo Julliet rides unless they have good range and many more facilities.

Yeah, in the twitter thread they mentioned that as well. Acquiring 22Motors is part of that journey.

I was more interested for 1 specific reason.

Very low up-front cost & a good network of battery swap-stations will make it easy for lot of people to own it. I am assuming the starting price somewhere around 65k (without battery). People can then pay for swap similar to filling petrol.

Believe me, there are lot of people who just cannot afford a 1 lac scooter. This has potential to tap that market (where Okinawa, Hero and few local players dominates).


Bounce Infinity scooter will have 85 km range, 65 kmph top speed as per the official website. I think the price needs to be much lower than Ola S1.


True, I think they may have ownership models with and without battery.

With battery, the price will be around max 80k I feel. Anything more, Ola S1 will look better value for money.


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  • Top speed of 65 kms
  • BLDC Motor with 1.5 Kw power with max torque of 85 nm
  • Eco Mode, Power Mode & Drag Mode
  • Reverse Mode & Cruise Control

Battery & Range:

  • Range of 85 kms under standard testing conditions
  • True range of 50 kms for Power mode and 60 kms for Eco mode
  • Removable / Swappable Batteries
  • Lithium Ion Battery with Premium Cells tested for 1400 cycles
  • 2 KWhr battery (48V)
  • Charging time 4 hours (0-100%)

Design & Braking:

  • 5 Colors (Sporty Red, Pearl White, Sparkle Black, Comet Grey, Desat Silver)
  • Custom designs can be selected from website (looks like Decals)
  • 12 Inch Tubeless Tyres & Alloy Wheels
  • Combi Braking thru Disc Brakes @ Front & Rear
  • Regenerative Braking
  • Bootspace can fit one helmet (12 litre Storage)

Smart Features:

  • Digital Dashboard looks Basic & Functional (Speed, Odometer, SoC, Range)
  • Smart Companion App comes for Smart Features (Geo Fencing, Tracking, Towing Alert)
  • Bluetooth


  • Price without battery starts at 45,099 with battery subscription plan (For Gujarat starts at 36,099)
  • Outright Purchase - Ex-showroom price of 68,999 includes Battery & Charger
  • Karnataka & Delhi gets it for 68,999, while Gujarat has lowest price at 59,999 & other states at 79,999.

Deliveries & test ride:

  • Deliveries starts by March 2022
  • Online & Physical Dealership to Purchase & Test-ride
  • Test Rides starts soon (dates not announced)
  • Pre-booking at 499


  • Upto 3 Years Warranty for Vehicle & Battery (Not sure the km cap)

Just like the product, the launch itself was very underwhelming. It felt more like a decent product which deserved a much better presentation.

It is not fair to compare Bounce Infinity to Ather or Ola. It is targeting different market and I wish they implement well to have a good success.


Why is it Rs 68,999 only for Karnataka while it’s 79,999 for the rest of all the states? Has Karnataka announced any EV subsidies recently?

I believe proximity to the manufacturing facility. Could not think of any other reason for the difference being so high.

Battery as a service option is very costly. They are asking for Rs 850 + Rs 35 per swap but the initial price will be down by just Rs 12,000. It will be Rs 1250 + Rs 35 per swap for the lower initial price of Rs 24,000. At those prices, I feel it will be a big failure. I wonder how long will they close the battery as a service option and go for full payments.

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You are right. With such a small price difference, there is not much incentive to go for subscription plan.

Let us take example of Karnataka pricing with monthly usage of 500 km

Plan 1:

  • 12,000 lower initial price
  • 10 Swaps / month will cost 14,388 / year

Plan 2:

  • 24,000 lower initial price
  • 10 Swaps / month will cost 19,188 / year

Indirect benefits:

  • Interest cost for 12k / 24k
  • Battery replacement cost around 30k at the end of 3-4 years (With a small battery u can’t use it for 5+ years)

Wow. Does anyone know how different these are from the ones bounce currently uses in their rental ride fleet? I assume very different given these specs. The bounce rental scooters can’t climb steep hills near my house at all :joy:


This is why the difference.

How is their overall service per se? As far as details are concerned, it seems that they have very neatly provided everything on the launch itself


Hrithik as brand ambassador/ celebrity for an advertisement. Seems they have a strong funding.

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I am waiting how Ather will react to pricing & preformation of Ola, Simple One & bounce scooters… Currently Ather is priced highest in market.

nice… No need to wait even 30 mins… swappable battery is similar to refueling of Petrol scooter/Bike.

I think, Bounce will replace their rental scooter, eventual reduces the cost. Bounce is using third party scooter petrol or electric. In general, person takes bounce scooter for 50,000₹, there are people who spent around or more than 3000₹ in Bengaluru for petrol. If he opted battery subscription end up paying some 1200₹ which is value for money for middle class market n charge at home. There are customised battery available in market as well… Similar to after Market accessories like for cars or CNG installation in cars… when electric scooter market matures, there will be more accessories n third party battery as well…emphasized text