Bangalore-delivery-duration-few questions

Guys., It’s been three months since I book Ather on March 17th still neither update on it nor payment gateway has been opened. But., I am gonna still gonna wait for it.

So far only waiting waiting…


Did you get your scooter

Did you call the POC?

They just keep saying this that…no promises

Finally… Payment gateway has opened.,After 95 days.

I recently met a few Ola owners and when I asked them why they chose Ola about 30/40 people wanted the range and the slightly bigger scooter and were willing to take a risk with Ola but the other 10 all told me the exact same reason that they walked into Ather Space indiranagar / JP Nagar and they were told that there’s a 4 month waiting period and then there was Ola pulling off some publicity stunt showing off deliveries within 48hrs or at least within a week of full payment and all of them really needed a scooter quickly since they had just moved over to bangalore with work from Office coming back.
And from what I understand it’s still the same case. @tarun you guys should really start ramping up your production. I understand that you’re looking to set up another facility but is the current one even running at full capacity?


Now am hesistant to book Ather


True. 3 months gone yet i hvnt got my delivery by Ather

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Same, two and half months gone by. Still haven’t opened payment window

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Hi., When you Prebooked it.?? Date.?

Mine got opened after 95 days did full payment…RTO registration under process.


I booked it on 21st April and was told min 2 months waiting period in Pune.


Bangalore WhatsApp group is it there.??

Finally took delivery of my 450X today @IBC.


I have booked Two bikes for April 16, not a single communication from Ather till now, i was told 90 - 100 days.

Your order has not completed 90 days. Please wait and get in touch with your local dealer or CS about this.

How many days from booking till delivery?

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I pre-booked on March-17-2022.,Payment gateway was opened on June-22-2022. Vehicle delivery was done on July-2-2022. RTO Registration was late because I opted for KA02 Rather than KA51. Soo 97 days.