Right bro. Its not value for money scooter

Auto brightness get disabled automatically, do any one experience this …


Here some people are seems like Ather agent. Don’t worry bro u r right for that a huge amount the features are not up to date.

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Just saw, the website also notifies you of a new OTA. But my scooter is already up to date? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Not received update in 450x gen2 till the date ,when I can expect it

Great! I have been writing to Ather Energy ( for a long time about the unavailability of Ride Statistics and Charging data on the portal account

After looking at your portal account, I just logged in and checked. Voila! It has come now.

A few things still confuse me:

  1. Ride distance for November 2022 (191km) and December 2022 (101km) is 292km. My current Odo stands at 1050.261km. I took the delivery on October 1, 2022. I hardly rides nowadays, max. 10km/day [edited] even in November and December. October could be around 250km or so.

  2. Reports generated using Download options in both Ride statistics and the Charging data give charging units differently in November (13 units and in another report 12units) and December (11units, in another 9 units), while on seeing the same on portal, months are for July and August 2022 :thinking::thinking::thinking:

A few fixings are required here too for seamless data display IMO :grin:

Same observations as yours. Before this, ride stats weren’t showing up on the portal. Now, charging stats are shown for July August while I took delivery in Sept! :joy:


I have used Ather grids also but showing 0 in dec and nov month.


They are more focused on gen3. We are old for them now🤣


Here are my observations on Elio and a few other things.

So I booked the Ather 450X on Jan 8 and on Jan 9 my scooter was assigned to me on the app. It was running Dropstick then. At that time my app and scooter both were showing 450+ instead of 450X don’t know why. Showroom said performance upgrade is pending and for the next 14 days it never came which is why I wasn’t taking delivery but then I finally decided to as I needed the vehicle.

On the day of delivery i.e. Jan 24 it was updated to 11.5.1 202303. Post the update the scooter was showing 450X but the app was showing 450+. When the showroom executive was giving me a demo before delivery, at that time the smart eco mode was missing, optimised charging couldn’t be turned off and the scooter was showing the warp mode logo but wasn’t switching to it or activating it when we toggled the switch. Also, the bluetooth wasn’t working.

So they gave a reboot to the dashboard and the scooter went into 450+ mode again. They tried another reboot but nothing still in 450+ mode. Even today. They were like only Bengaluru team can deploy an OTA update and make it 450X. Now in 450+ mode the indicator sound and reverse sound vanished. My name went missing from the dashboard and I couldn’t change it as the edit option was not working. Bluetooth was obviously gone.

In both versions nothing happens if you click what’s new. Idk if I am right about this but the text clarity also reduced. Feels a little blurred. It may just be me. I think even the brightness has reduced. Can’t see a thing in sun. Oh, and my documents aren’t syncing at all.

I feel Ather team really needs to fix a few things here. Firstly, please for the love of whichever God you believe in or even if you don’t, please give the showroom and service people access to the software/performance upgrade patch to upgrade the scooter from 450+ to X. In my case everyone at the showroom/service center (both are in the same place) were helpless. They said we can’t do a thing only Bengaluru team can deploy the performance upgrade. I understand you may have done this to avoid malpractice of the patch in cases where sm1 buys a 450+ and is illegally upgraded by a dealer to 450X but please put a mechanism in place to avoid what I am going through with future customers. I came with such high hopes to buy this vehicle and now my experience is being ruined the longer this is dragging. I have been pleading since Jan 9 to update my scooter and app from 450+ to 450X and everyday I am being told today is the day it will be fixed but nothing till date.

Secondly, please get more servers on AWS to deploy updates like Apple and Android. So that the update is received on a fixed date, fixed time to the whole world. This slow rollout where half people get it and half don’t just gives the feeling of being left out.

Lastly, please have a a long beta testing with users before deployment. Your intent is amazing with Elio and it looks also pretty amazing but I felt it was launched 2-3 weeks early as a lot of bugs need to be squashed. Anyway, all the best to your team with future updates and I hope my experience changes for the better ahead.


Thanks for the post, well written and agree with your points i don’t see why the showroom people can’t have access to upgrading the software, and yea since the scooters are less i don’t see why the updates are so delayed for some people.


Is this some sort of internal diagnostics menu? 5 clicks on the vin number screen gets you here on the drop kick version.

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Yes, Used by service center

tap on options and you can see wifi options :slight_smile:

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Post more photos please after hitting the options menu

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I have Ather 450X Gen 3 Not Received update till now. Please resend the update in my scooter.

Some more photos

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I would be careful with it. There have been instances before where owners have played with these settings and their Ather wouldn’t start.

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