🚀 Atherstack Dropkick 10.4.1 (Gen 2) / Dropkick 11.1.0 (Gen 3)

Yes, I am facing same issue, Bluetooth is Stable, but the Connectivity is not stable, In my case there is 0 towers, in fact maps work very well, But mobile app is not in sync.

This happened after the recent Update.

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Either I need to reset dashboard or restart.

To reset the dashboard do following.

Press both brakes and at the same time press power button.

Hold it for 3-5 seconds. It will reset the dashboard.

My new Ather 450plus software update version is 11.1.0-202244 after updating software the Bluetooth logo showing in dashboard but am not able to connect or operate the Bluetooth.

450+ doesn’t have bluetooth (it is locked via software)

For everyone after the latest update there has been many problems on Bluetooth…But for me it’s working flawlessly…Everytime i turn on my Bluetooth and enter the Ather app it connects with the scooter rapidly and never disconnects (even after 121 mins of riding noticed that it didn’t disconnect with my phone and the controls work perfectly for me though…Don’t know how this happens :slightly_smiling_face:


Same here it connects very fast now and is stable

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I am facing range issue as earlier it was like drop of 6 to 7 KM depends on road and riding style. But after this update it is like drop to double like 14 - 16 KM. I ride only in Smart Eco and Ride mode only.

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Still not have received update for Ather 450x

Even I haven’t received the update for my Ather 450X Gen -3.

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Battery is draining alot even after shutdown. Charged 100% around 8 pm yesterday. And after 13 hours starting battery it has already drained 3%. It used to drain 1% max in 3-4 days. This issue is after the latest update. Scooter does not wake up from shutdown till I turn the key twice.



I observed it yesterday, when my battery was 100% it is to drain 1% only. but when the battery was 72% it drained around 5%, battery was 67% in the morning. it was normal switch off, not shutdown.

in winter voltage drops rapidly and also at low SOC, i parked at 7% last night and it was 0% untill morning

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This is the first time I had issues with actually pairing. It failed to connect. Re-start didn’t work. Unpaired and repaired which took some time but it did finally. Fortunately, the connection stuck for the duration of the ride.

Also, Send Location to scooter works well.

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My Ather still has bluetooth issues it gets disconnected while driving need to restart everytime the software experience hasnt been for past 3-4 months you guys take too much time to fix the bugs…

Facing a lot of issues with the sync after the 11.1.0 update in Gen 3. The Battery status and ODO does not sync. And maps is not working in dashboard due to connectivity issues.

Yes i had a issue with MAP today. when i search for a location it wont provide any options below also when i click enter it was not able to search that location, Network was full. After i switched off the scooter and ON it back after a long time it was working.