Atherstack 5.9

I got the update already installed on my scooter this morning. My Gen 2 didn’t get the stack 5.8 update so it now got updated directly from 5.7 to 5.9. The Regen animation is helpful for both active Regen and braking Regen . Can someone let me know what is the maximum you can get back in the battery by Regen with both braking Regen and active Regen used throughout?

Pressing the brakes gives you around 300w of regen while twisting the throttle in reverse will give around 750-800w of regen, same as if you have connected the scooter to a normal charger either Dot or portable.


So since active regen actually does give a good charge back to the battery is it possible that hypothetically, you are coming down the hill for 5 km lets say from some hills. Will it increase your charge if giving continuous active Regen ? and also by how much approximately since that will depend on the angle of the hill and other factors but wanted to know an approx figure.

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theoretically yes, but not possible practically, since you will have to give some throttle input, here is @chethanchandrashekar travelogues from his trip Bengaluru-Mysuru he has discussed the variation of Charge usage on a long trip in extreme detail.


Is this for the new costing regen or the Oldder gens also can it be changed thu the vin hack (multiple taps on vin num)

no, these settings are hardwired to the motor controller in all previous models, in GEN-4 where coasting Regen is available those numbers are yet to be explored.


Which means no way in hell we could have got costing regen even if they wanted to :joy: oh I wish we could increase the brake regen atleast cuz twisting throttle always cause a hand sour :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hadn’t someone on the forum empirical gotten 1% in 8km of incline?

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They can still implement the costing regen with reverse current value Ather provided to gov and it will still be valuable feature to many such as you but Ather won’t do that as they wanted to reserve this feature to new version.

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Just something I was thinking regarding coasting regen wouldn’t it have heavy resistance impacting the rolling distance directly. Technically changing the ride dynamics most have been used to.

No it isn’t.

I had access to Coasting regen for a while. It felt more than normal to drive in city. Although it wasn’t comfortable in the highway, because it showed down quicker than I wanted. But in city was smooth as butter. I didn’t had to brakes 90% of time. And gave me 5-7% extra range than expected…

Proof -


Check ur DMs bro

They parched it. Not working anymore. All good things should go (when it comes to Ather)


Rip :pensive: that’s just

So little that you will find not using Regen better.

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You will get 1% Regen in 3km which makes it useless. While using break

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Maps error, should go to different location & after 5.9update it is showing benguluru as default location but im at Visakhapatnam, andhra pradesh. No option to turn off optimised charging.

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As always each update should either remove a good feature or bring more confusion and bugs. That’s how they roll.

You are not alone, other people are experiencing the same issue which renders the maps useless.

they should fix this, i had Ather subscription & now that is useless right. Maps feature is important no way these money bags doing these things

Regen is essential for any EV :\

Even Smart Eco works so much better when you use Active Regen properly. Can’t imagine how much Coasting Regen can affect normal use… Ather better get their sh*t together