Atherstack 5.9

Just received Ather Stack 5.9, 11.5.9-202339

Release notes says, Atherstack now runs on ZeroMQ Protocol, which improves efficiency of scooter communication with sensors and cloud database.

  • took 12 min to complete update
  • yet to figure out positives and negatives
  • release notes is missing
  • first time, trip meter number is intact after installation (did not get reset)

This is an old article.


Has the rollout started or just for early access users.

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Got an update yesterday for my 450x gen 2. It took over 25 mins. After that my scooter is not getting started. @abhi

As expected. They just mess up even more with every update.

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While charging the time estimates have been removed from dashboard. I can see it only in the app. They keep removing good things about the scooter. Sad

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No the estimates still pop-up try checking after a few seconds if it’s not happening instantaneously.

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Maybe, may have to reset the scooter

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Yup generally just after any update I’ve observed that the system lags or performs anomalously for a while before getting back to its base state.

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ZeroMQ Protocol :slight_smile:


Received Ather Stack 5.9, 11.5.9-202339 update yesterday evening and installed it. Are they forcing to use OC (Optimized Charging) now? Previous to the update I had kept OC OFF. Now it is ON by default. It doesn’t remember my setting :roll_eyes:

Yesterday morning (previous to the latest update) I noticed that Wings of Power was missing in the dashboard. I flew 13 kms without wings!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Did anyone else get this issue?


Yess the wings of power has it’s own mind sometimes it just flies away :joy: a simple off and on dose bring it back tho


Wings of power disappears sometimes even on 5.8 :joy:, and sometime Ather logo pops up while riding and dashboard resets and everything goes to normal; which is very dangerous.

Edit: I got a free update, my scooter now shows tyre pressure without TPMS being installed :joy:, Ahh Ather bugs…


Good job Ather

Regen depends on SoC of Battery… If it 87% (?) and below, you will see Regen (wings) indicator under reverse throttle braking.

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Apparently YES and these settings goes back to default settings. For me, OC and my Ride Settings (I ride in Smart Eco) goes to default settings when I restart from shutdown mode. Not sure when these settings will be remembered when we shut down.


Not the Regen… entire section of Wings of Power was missing. I got this issue in 5.8 (previous to the latest update)

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It happens sometimes. If you swipe to open the settings or the map view and go back to the main screen, it seems to reappear.


Still cannot reset trip meter without connect subscription

I thought this bug was supposed to be cleared in this update.

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