Completed 137kms in one full charge (Bengaluru-Mysuru)

Wanted to test the full range of the battery. I aimed for 150km, that’s the highest projected range shown in the ride statistics. It was like maxing out the battery capacity. This was my first long trip in a 2 wheeler.

Mainly wanted a place to travel to ahieve the max range. Then i thought of mysore. I choosed mysore because :-

  1. There was the royal airavata grid from the start of the mysore road.

  2. Now mysore also has an Ather showroom. It will be easy for me to round around mysore by charging at grid.

  3. It was exactly 131km from the royal airavata to Ather grid charger at mysore.

  4. I have never explored mysore. So now i can do a long range as well as explore places in the mysore.

I choosed to travel at night. It will be the best time to test the maximum range of the battery. In my opinion i didn’t wanted the fans running in the Ather because the fans consume atleast some amount of the charge and as i said i wanted to max the battery range so didn’t wanted any fans running. From the start till the end not even a single fan turned on. Also didn’t even used high beam and indicator while traveling.

It was a one day trip. The plan was to stay at my friend’s house in mysore and at morning explore some places in mysore. From my home Ather showroom at mysore was 160km, didn’t wanted to take risks so reached the royal airavata grid at 5:30 and kept the vehicle for charging, after 95% charge it was charging 1% for 10 mins so took the portable charger and tried using the the 16A socket in the grid but unfortunately it didn’t work. There was a 5A socket in front of the grid so started to charge using that one. I didn’t asked anyone neither anyone asked me that why are you charging. It was just a matter of minutes and i wanted fulllllll charge.

The vehicle was fully charged and it was already 7:30 at night so didn’t wanted to waste time. Took some photos kept all the luggage correctly packed. Since it was a one day trip i didn’t took much luggage because it will add more weight and i too weigh less which was a advantage and thought i will achieve 140+.

A fully charged vehicle and some photos at the airavata charger before leaving:-

Resetted trip B before starting. Aim was to keep the speed at 30 all the time and gradually increasing the throttle. Both the tyre pressure was filled to 40psi and at the same time i didn’t want to slow down the scooter whenever hump or pothole comes i just stood up on the scooter to pass it. Slowing down and again picking up speed uses more amount of charge. After completing 20km i started to feel tired, already my neck was paining by looking at the dashboard always. I thought i couldn’t do 130 at a single stretch, even my fingers started to pain by holding the throttle at the same position for long time. I was getting hungry but if i stop and eat something the current ride gets reset and it will split to 2 different rides in ride stats and i didn’t want that to happen. So i did some circus to loose the pain like standing on the scooter for some time, sitting on the pillion seat and riding, bending the whole body towards the dashboard😁

I choosed ride mode while riding because in ride mode a full charge will be 70km and i wanted to achieve 140 or above 140. So in ride mode the true range should degrade if i ride 2 km. In simple words, if i ride 2 km the true range in ride mode should degrade only 1 km by this i can achieve double the range of ride mode i.e, 70+70=140 and it will be easy for me to calculate the degradation while riding. It went above expectations, it was degrading only 1 km for every 3km of ride and i was getting an excellent range. After 3 hours of continuous riding i completed 60km and i wasn’t in a state to ride anymore so stopped and saw the wh/km and i was shocked.

This gave me confidence to ride and after stopping for only 2 min started riding again. The range which the scooter was giving was more than enough to reach the grid at mysore. It wasn’t that much easy as i thought the mysore highway is really a pain to ride there are so many deviations, ups and downs all over the highway. When the percentage came below 30% the scooter was using 1km of range for 1km of ride in ride mode then i even slowed down by keeping the speed at 25 constantly. When an incline comes i slowed down more going at 10km/h. At that speed also the red halo started to glow more. When the charge reached 15% it started to degrade more faster i got little worried and reached mysore at 11%, the mysore roads have more ups and downs but didn’t leave hope and kept the speed at 25 all the time and finallyyyyy reached the grid of mysore with 4km range left

So i wanted to use the full battery capacity and started rounding around the grid and completed 137kms.

I had completed 80km at 50% which gave me confidence that i will achieve 140+ but at the low charge levels it started to consume faster

I was doing a video of the charge coming to 0 and guess what happened. I was riding to completely drain the battery to 0 and dogs came barking behind me i got scared and gave full throttle and suddenly the vehicle stopped because the battery was completely degraded to 0 i was in middle of the road the dogs were behind me barking. Didn’t expect the charge to get over at the same time when dogs started barking😂

I slowly started to push the vehicle to grid and the dogs went away. The projected range shows 146km in the ride stats but i achieved 137 last. I used my all experience every idea to ride to get the best range but i could achieve only 137. Maybe the odo was at 11k already, due to that i couldn’t do 140+. Need to appreciate Ather here, the scooter came with same energy from the start till the end without any problem the motor sound and everything was normal till the end. Not even a single fan was running through the whole trip. I was happy that i achieved something and since it was my first long trip in a scooter i was really stressed very much after riding continuously for 6 hours and i didn’t have the energy to think what should i do now. It was 1:30 in the night and i called my friend and said him to come near the showroom. Within 10 minutes he came. I left the scooter for charging at the grid.

The wh achieved after completing 137km

Waked up at morning 6, freshened up little bit. Wanted to leave early because we were going to chamundi hills.

Someone had already removed the charger for me😁 and it was fully charged.

Switched to warp mode :zap: from now and started riding.

The 3 places we wanted to visit today chamundi hills, mysore palace and mysore zoo.

My friend wanted to fill petrol at that time captured a photo😁


Climbing up the chamundi hill

The view of mysore city from the top of the hill

While coming down the hill the ride stats :point_down:

We wanted to see the lalitha mahal but were hungry so filled the stomach first.

After eating visited mysore palace and mysore zoo

A white peacock and colorful peacock :peacock:

Lion :lion:

We finished watching the zoo, ate something, went near my friend’s house had a chit chat for some time. After that we left home and it was already evening so just took a picture near the fantasy park and continued riding all over mysore for some time.

I had to see the mall of mysore once and there is also a Ather charger where i can fully charge and leave to Bangalore.

In mall of mysore there is also a car charger next to the Ather grid it was so good to see both the chargers

Surprisingly the security takes the phone numbers of everyone who wants to charge their Ather at the grid which is located in mall of mysore. What’s your opinion on this?

Kept the scooter for charging at the grid and went to see the mall of mysore.

Here are some ride stats after the morning breakfast till the mall of mysore

Before leaving to Bangalore my opinion on mysore. Very calm and peaceful place. The roads in mysore are really awesome. Every road will be like highway very wide and clean roads, no potholes. There is so much places to explore in mysore, every place has it’s own history. The people are also very kind hearted. Last but not the least i saw 2-3 ola scooter in mysore also. Well our Ather are also present in large numbers i saw many scooter in short rides near mysore. Many people still ask about Ather there, they first ask a question in kannada ‘yest aytu sir gadi’ (they ask what’s the cost of the scooter)

Now time to leave mysore and towards Bangalore. My friend also wanted to come with me till maddur. So while going back we both went together.

Trip B while leaving mysore

While going to maddur i choose eco mode because i can go on a full throttle, there will be not much stress to hold the throttle and i will also be in a lower speed. Again i didn’t want to travel 6 hours continuously so went little fast and we can take rest for some time while the scooter is charging.

Left mysore at 7:45PM

Reached maddur fish curry rice at 9:45PM

Kept the scooter for charging. Thanks for our Ather owners for installing the 5A socket at maddur in fish curry rice. While the scooter was charging we filled our stomach. The power was too much fluctuating there, so asked the owner that can i charge somewhere else and he showed a 16A socket at the right side and started charging there and took some rest. After that the scooter was almost charged 95% and we were about to leave, suddenly my friend’s scooter got punctured and it was midnight 12. Now what? We aksed the security for some puncture shop he said there’s one after 2km so we traveled till there in my vehicle only taking the tire with us. It took almost 1 at midnight then i was ready to leave to Bangalore. My friend went return to his house to mysore.

My friend removing the punctured tyre

My scooter was only 80% while leaving maddur and i had to charge somewhere to go home.

So at midnight the royal airavata charger will be closed and i had no where to charge. When i came near the royal airavata charger, i had 11% charge and took out the phone, opened the grid app and saw the rajajinagar charger of the newly opened Ather showroom which will be on 24×7. The showroom was 8.5km from my destination and i had 11% charge left. I started riding.

The showroom was 1.5km far and the scooter came to 0, now started pushing the scooter till the showroom and started charging the scooter without wasting the time.

The range when i reached the Ather experience center at rajajinagar

It was 4AM in the morning and i had no energy left in me i was too much stressed and needed to rest. Due to lack of sleep i didn’t even had the energy to remove the charger, my fingers were shaking while removing it.

These are the ride stats while coming back to Bangalore from maddur👇

I charged till 35% and started riding home. I wanted to sleep as soon as possible. So as soon as i came home i couldn’t even park the vehicle correctly. Just took a photo of the dashboard and went to sleep :sleeping:

Range and odo when i came home

The total traveled distance in trip A

This was my first long ride with my Ather and first long post.:blush:


The last ride stat from rajajinagar Ather experience center to my home👇


Woah that’s crazy and Amazing!! :zap::100:


137km on single charge - amazing!! 350 min ride - you have a LOT of patience.


Man that’s great achievement :muscle::muscle::muscle:


That was an adventurous experience… Great !!!

6 hours for one way travel. :scream: I used to get tired at 100 minutes itself.

And then to finish Mysore sightseeing. :pray:

You had enormous patience to drive long and for taking dashboard photos which were clearer than many photos posted here :blush:

Fan not turning on shows good ambient temperature and your excellent control on acceleration and Speed. In that case always use Speed / Ride mode instead of Eco mode. Because you can use momentum on inclinations which is efficient than constant low speed.

You mentioned the battery depletion post 30% is very fast. I too have felt that many times. Seeing the SoC at 50% makes us feel over confident. I always consider we can get only 90% of what we get in first 50% charge.


Amazing… Although the joy of riding Ather would be not less than 35kms/hour. What you have achieved is indeed remarkable. Thanks to Ather, due to this forum many can learn more about the bike and the performance. As a new Ather owner this is a reference post to read for optimum use. Thanks alot for the patience and for the detailed post


bro how much do u weight? acheving this efficiency number is crazy… enjoyed your mini blog…


This is just awesome and wild…keep your thrill ON


That’s one crazy ride @chethanchandrashekar. But 6 hours without rest :flushed:…no words. Please take care, and listen to your body. Your wellbeing is more important than hypermiling. Anyway, all is well that ends well :+1:t3:


Hats off to you :raised_hands:t2: Amazing :fire::zap:

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you can open the gate and get in (it wont be locked-that’s what I/we used to do)


Amazing and very exciting blog ,reading your post its like somewhere feeling your ride, Its inspiring for new people like me. Great Brother :+1:


Thank you😊

Thank you :blush:

Actually i too got tired after riding for an hour. From then i just removed my helmet and kept it on the floorboard because my head got started to pain and since i was in low speed there was not even small amount of air flowing through the helmet.

Called to my mom and dad and done chit chat for half an hour while riding. After that i called to my friend’s and again done a chit chat for half an hour. So one hour in middle went like this and i forgot about the stress i had and was happy talking to them.

Actually there’s a reason that why i didn’t post a full photo of my vehicle. Slightly some modifications is going on if it works out i will share the details here.

I too had same confidence, as i mentioned i had traveled 80km using 50% of the battery and thought that i will do 160km today😅 but that didn’t happen.

What i enjoyed mostly is seeing that colorful dashboard always and the sound was more higher when the speed comes to 27-28, it was so pleasant to hear the same sound for 6 hours. Ather is one masterpiece i should say, in 6 hours of riding not even a single issue was observed. In 6 hours the motor was on all the time i didn’t turn off the motor even once. Finally, Thank you Ather for making a wonderful product, ALWAYS LOVING IT WHILE RIDING IT.

I weigh almost less, not too high not too less. I am still a student so you can take it that way.

Thrill will always be on while i ride my Ather :zap:

Yeah yeah😅 Now i am alright. I slept in the morning and waked up at night that day when i came home from mysore.

Thank you :blush:

I tried but it was locked completely. They had put a wire to the lock and it was like sealed to it.

Thank you :blush:

Sorry guys i pressed the reply button accidentally :sweat_smile: and the post got saved.

Adding some more points i forgot to mention.

Patience Patience Patience I don’t like it I avoid But Patience likes me I can’t avoid :grin: I too don’t have much patience but you all telling patience i remembered the dialogue from KGF and posted it like this way.

The total cost of the trip was maximum 140rs for 400km km of ride. At the start full charged at my home will be costed 20rs and after that i used the grid all the time which is free. While coming back at maddur they took 120rs for 2 hours which is ok. Atleast we have someone who is letting us charge by which we can make Bangalore-Mysore rides without any hesitation. So 120+20=140rs

And 2 more points i would like to add

First one is, this was the first time i completely drained the battery to 0 of my Ather. Last time i had drained it only to some what 4%.

Second one is, while visiting the zoo and palace in mysore i had no other option and had to park it in the heat sun. At the zoo it took almost 3 hours and the vehicle was in the direct sunlight. As soon as i turned the key on the dashboard fan was turning on . The dashboard fan was not even waiting for the 450x logo to appear, the fan was turning on instantly. It performed with the same energy even in those conditions.


awesome! i was planning a trip to mysore but with a charge stop at the fish curry restaurant

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Your journey caught attention and below is the tweet.


Ather sent me a T-shirt :tshirt: as a token of appreciation for completing 137km on a single charge.

It was neatly packed in a rectangle box

The power ranger :zap: :zap:

Thank you Team Ather. Really loved it :heart_eyes:


Very cool! I guess the Big Brother is always watching this Forum :eye_in_speech_bubble:


Woah sooo niceeeee! :zap::zap:

Does it have the Ather logo on the sleeve?

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Like BIGG BOSS :eye:

Nope, it’s a plain white T-shirt with the power rangers written and zig-zag logo like warp :zap: actually i expected the warp T-shirt, no problem this one is also cool :sunglasses:


how come this work in single charge 137km ?

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