Atherstack 5.8 for Gen 2 onwards

Hey folks!

We’re rolling out an OTA update with a few new features, improvements and bug fixes. This update will be rolled out in phases over the next few weeks and should get downloaded on your scooter.

There are two key new features:

Optimized Charging 2.0

With an EV, there’s constant worry about prolonging the life of the battery. A quick Google search points to a bunch of advice that’s more confusing and worrying than helpful. We introduced Optimised Charging earlier, which cuts off charging at 80% so you don’t have to manually unplug or decide between lower range and longer battery life.

We’re introducing a significant change with Optimised Charging 2.0.

When plugged in overnight, the scooter intelligently pauses and restarts charging for you, to ensure you wake up to a full charge.

Optimised Charging 2.0 will be available to all owners Gen 2 and above, and will be rolled out as an OTA update in phases.

The Optimised Charging feature enhances battery life and provides convenience by ensuring the scooter is fully charged by 5:00 AM in the morning.

After the update, this feature will be triggered if charging sessions start between 6:00 PM to 1:00 AM. The scooter will reach 100% SOC by the next morning at 5 AM.

You will have the option to enable/disable this feature for the current charging session on the charger-detected screen. You can visit settings on HMI, and use the “Optimised Charging” button to set the default ON or OFF state of the feature.


Note: The option on the charging screen will be reset to the option selected on the settings for every charging session. If you enable or disable the feature on the charger detected screen, it will be applicable only for the current charging session.

Regen indicator on dashboard

While coasting regen is possible only on the new 450 series, the 450X, Plus and 450X with Pro Pack have had active regen since the start. Active regen can be activated either by twisting the throttle in the opposite direction or when applying brakes. Active regen helps recover upto 4% of charge when used aggressively.

We’re now improving this experience by adding an indicator on the wings of power when active regen is being used.


Let us select the timing.

Like I need it to be full by 9AM not 5AM . Someone might need it to be full by 7 or 8.


The process involves slow charging and trickle charging. Once slow charging is done by 5 AM, Charger should go into Trickle Charge Mode which will ensure that scooter will stay at 100 percent at all times after 5 AM.


So i have to wake up at 5AM :melting_face:


I generally plug at 12. So it gets charged by 5 anyway. So it won’t be useful in my case.

If I have an option to choose when it should be at 100% I can set it at 9 or whatever is convenient.


What about OLD method of Optimized Charging? I would still prefer the charging stopped at 80%, as i do not need the full range every day. Definitely, cutting of at 80% is a lot better in extending battery life as compared to Optimized Charging 2.0 Please make the old option available as well. @smridhi.kalati @abhishek.balaji


So true it would be grate to select even in day time For people who do night shifts let it optimise charge during day…


This is pretty cool - even Google has it implemented in their Pixel phones. But Pixels can see when your morning alarm is and charge to 100% right before you wake up.

An option to choose when to finish charging could work, but the current implementation is great for now.


Just give us more clarification on whether we have to wake up at 5 AM to switch off the charging or will it automatically get cut after reaching 100%. Suggestion:

  1. Just give us the liberty to customize the time.
  2. Let the old optimised charging be there so that the user can have the option to choose between old 1.0 and new 2.0.

What happens if there is a power cut before 5AM? :eyes:


if power cuts after 1am scooter will charge to 100% as it usually does and turn charger off I guess


What if someone is using the vehicle for night shift and is only back in the morning ? @smridhi.kalati @abhishek.balaji ? Do we get to select by what time it should be charged?


Is this latest update with optimised charging 2.0? There is no change log at all.


Change logs appear only on the scooter dashboard, not on the app. Do you mean to say that there’s no change log on the dashboard as well?

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When will this update roll out to 450X gen 3.1?
Does this update include FallSafe?


I am Nexon EV owner too. We understand that battery has numerous cells and hence its recommended to have deep discharge less than 5% and then charge to 100% at least once in 4 cycles. This helps to balance cells and also avoid battery cell dying remaining idle.

Please comment if same is not applicable this LiFe battery of Aether also


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What about Monthly Ride Stats? Any update?

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Why won’t manual regen braking work anymore? I’d use regen braking below 86% on my way to and from work. But today, after the update, regen doesn’t work anymore no matter what charge my scooter has. Who did I offend? Did I wake up on the wrong side? I did move around my furniture a bit today. It’s got to be the vastu. The fengshui must have been disturbed


I might not update if the regen is not working cause i use it most of time and apply brake only if necessary. I have train myself from the start to understand and adjust my driving with respect to regen.

There is no going back now