🚀 Atherstack 10.5.5 (Gen 2) & 11.5.5 (Gen 3)

Because some people are having issues and some aren’t. I also am not having issues. It could be that quite a few owners were used to the older UI because they used that for a longer time and so aren’t finding the newer UI as smooth which I agree it wasn’t. But quite a few issues were resolved in verision 5.5. Also I’m quite sure he’s entitled to have his own opinions.

Yesterday evening going back to home from work my Ather started lagging speedometer was not able to show correct speed and after few km it got into boot loop and i thought it will fix automatically but after riding for 10km also it didn’t got fixed then I have to reset to fix this issues. And this happened after last update during service. Really disappointed from this scooter. Earlier ui was better.

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Normal city driving… like I was at a red signal very close to my house… went to pick up some groceries… was a very scary experience when it suddenly stopped

Ohh. You should definitely get that checked out and test in a safe area once more if it happens again.


yah I miss the old UI alot too,the fullscreen effects and maps were much more easier to look at than small wings of power.Hoping Ather will add themes soon and classic makes a comeback


I miss the old color spalshed UI with big fonts alot but its not something I can help,Wings of power look boring and white theme is hideous but smart eco is more better intigrated and homescreen looks good tbh


Let us look into this for you, Mayukh! Please help us with your registered contact number and vehicle details via inbox in order for us to assist you better.


Same issue I have faced today battery was 9 % and auto reboot vehicle was running on the way can’t switch mode after reaching home have to switch off completely than battery was 4 % it’s not right @harsh.thakkar please @abhishek.balaji look in to this urgently it’s second time in month

Did anyone notice issues with indicator lights after this update? I can see a noticeable lag between the moment i flick the indicator switch to when the lights actually turn on.


Yes i also faced the same issue and the indicator sound has also reduced


They don’t respond

I must put my disappointment in writing here about the horrendous update that is 10.5.5… My 450X (Gen 2 Series 1) installed this update last week, and since then, no amount of riding and parking in various localities of Bengaluru or force restarting has brought the map back. The map is one big white screen, and no button/option on it seems to be responding. The navigation therefore is effectively unusable now, and the overall UI too has become less responsive (not that it was very responsive earlier or anything :smirk:)

What’s more surprising is that despite this OTA being so problematic for many users as seen on this thread, no rollback or patch has been released yet, so I guess until Ather does something about it, I have to continue to ride blind without maps.


Frankly speaking, the more I use the buggy Atherstack 5 on my Series 1, the more I love my OG Gen 1 450! Hassle free (and warp-free too, but hey, not complaining) interface compared to my Series 1 and I really see no advantage of owning an S1 over 450, especially because the only other benefit - the bluetooth - has always been a hit or miss for me from Day 1.

As an owner of Athers across generations, I TRULY, TRULY hope that the Gen 1 450 owners do not do the mistake of going in for the exchange program just for the sake of a new Ather. Trust me, as long as your 450 doesn’t have any major problem, you are better off retaining your old Ather without the new “stack with wings” and whatnot…


Did you get is resolved? I too am facing the same issue

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I have got a new issue with atherstack 11.5.5 and Android app v 8.0.0 …since last 9-10 hours it was not showing synched with scooter i had to try and restart it after restarting …i have observed app sync started and showed charging , since had charged scooter using portable charger…once sync started working it showed a charging and it was showing like as if charging is happening at 1% per second…i have recorded a video but it is not allowing me to post here

Despite all the issues in newer stack version , my Ather 450x which is 1 and half month old is getting one issue after charging i mostly charge it using portable charger and that too during night and i am using optimized charging for this …once charging is done till 80% charging stops but the dashboard fan keeps on running forever untill you put a key turn vehicle on and the. Turn off …it doesn’t matter if charger switch is ON or OFF


Recently i faced the issues i am a third gen owner hardly , two weeks Started facing the same issue map scren goes blank , sometimes would restart automatically

Got it resolved by going to the serviuce center and they updated manually

Please check whether you have full tower signal

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I do. Been parking the S1 there for around 2 years now. Rides sync, charging status is visible… Signal is surely not the problem :slight_smile:

Now this is unfortunate. I really hope I don’t need to do this. I don’t think I have the patience to set aside a day preemptively every time Ather unleashes an OTA upon us :smirk:

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Pls give reboot option in all Ather