AtherGrid Locations

Olive planet on Bagaluru road is the closest…45kms to the Nandi hills 2wheeler parking lot. If you ride efficiently you can make the 2 way journey in one single charge.

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On the 450 too? Even the 450X seems hard 90Km Of which some pretty steep incline. Also I remember @Abhishek was able to find a shop on the foothils and rigged a grounding kit and charged his ather. But there are quite a few hotels and restaurants on the way. Hasn’t anyone try to charge there? I’m sure they have relatively good grounding too. Especially for version 2 chargers.

If you drive efficiently yes even on the 450, 90kms is surely achieveable. With such inclines (speaking from my experience on the Chamundi hills of Mysuru)…the upward journey consumes more energy for sure but the return journey gives you good amount of regeneration. So in all it’s as good as driving on a flat road. 1km per 1% of charge is quite easily achievable.

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That can’t possibly be true. I remember @Abhishek on his way down regened the whole way and got just 2% back
Especially with athers regen settings. Also what speed would you climb the incline?

Regen alone did not help, what also helped was that the 450 coasts better than an ICE 2W while coming downhill (I know your case is different).

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Compared to 2W in gear, yes it coasts better for me too. But not as such. I’m waiting for the new service plans, so I can do something about it. :man_facepalming:

With a motor of 5.4Kw power , it must be generating a lot of power in regen, but though the motor is giving the power, i think that power is not being able to charge the battery, as the battery takes lot of time to charge. 450x’s regen must be good , as it has fast charging

@abhishek.balaji few months back there is a mention regarding charging station at Blue Takoi coffee shop koramangala any updates on that.

Because the point available in koramangala is permanently removed and there is no point near by. The nearest is at Jayanagar or at Indiranagar. I see many vehicles in koramangala.

If that is not woking out then how about forum mall or sangeetha mobiles with which you had a tie-up.

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Oddly I am not finding many grid locations in maps

Is this the case only with me or others also have this issue which is a known issue and ather working on it!!?

Indiranagar ather space location itself not showing.

In bangalore only 15 showing. In hyderabad and chennai only 2 in each city.


same here. @abhishek.balaji I think many users are not seeing charging points on map. If it continues then we may not get benifited with charging points. please inform concerned team.

Received below as a reply when I raised a ticket for this today morning.

“We are working on the app issues that have come up recently. We will be releasing an app update for the same within a week. These issues will be resolved once the app is updated.”

Hi, Public charger installed at IDC 80ft Road RMV 2nd Stage, the holder is broken. Please fix

Hey can you raise this as an issue through the app, email or by calling customer support? They’ll send one of the team members to get this fixed.

Can we please have an ather grid point at the Kempegowda International Airport? It will be a major help.


Yes please get this on the wish list … it will help loads of ppl … for long rides or maybe to drop /pick some 1 with no luggage


@abhishek.balaji please setup the charging points in Decathlon stores.


@abhishek.balaji Any plans for New Ather Grid locations at Arcot road, Chennai ? Maybe at Unlimited, Valasaravakkam. They have ample parking space tooo…

It’s been something we’ve been exploring for sometime. The airport parking spaces are hard to get and usually involve a tender process last time I checked, but there are now two Ather Grid locations pretty close by to the airport that you can use to top up on your way there or back.

I have personally tried charging there at the EV charging station installed by Mahindra, but even that was discontinued some time back :frowning:

Is it possible for us to charge 450X at non Ather charging points?

With the portable charger, YES.

PS: Some of the users also carry the Dot itself in the boot. Even they can charge anywhere

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