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Petition post to hire me for Social Media Marketing especially for influencers. I have commented on many videos too but don’t have the screenshot.

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A conversation with an old man at a signal.

After hearing me out about my Ather450X 's features & on road price of Mumbai

He :You know what technology & development is okay but you could have saved 80-85K by buying conventional scooter as at the end it just matter of reaching the destination right? Me : Sir which phone do you use? He : iPhone X. Me : you know what sir you could have also saved amost 65K by buying Jio Phone because at the end it just matter of calling right? He : :neutral_face:


Abhishek should join CS while taking care of the forum too. Everyday I can see him posting, have flagged this to CS team/social media team etc etc for further updates and information. :joy::joy:

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Ather really needs to hire me now! Don’t pay, just give some merch :wink:

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I’m contemplating changing my name to “NOT CS” xD

Maybe a couple of secret tiers in the referral program :smiley:


That’s a good idea. Ather team but not CS. Secret tiers :wink: . You already have my address and other details. Why wait?

what if someone leaves their scooter for days at a time while they go for a trip to Goa or something :stuck_out_tongue: But agreed. We need a grid point in the extreme north. Would make so mamy things accessible.


Ather guys can unlock and use it as a test ride vehicle meanwhile :rofl:


Dogs have been a serious issue here, If I drive my Ather in the streets all the dogs start barking and following me. Hope ather can do something like fake sound like Revolt. It would be fun.

Has anyone faced the same ?

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Yes i have also faced that situation, i felt the dogs are not used to this kind of sound

but now it reduced a bit

The ‘bark back’ mode! :smiley:

It’ll take sometime for the street dogs to get used to the sound. The high pitched wheee of the scooter probably triggers them.

Never witnessed dogs bark at the warp mode wheeee that I generally use. One, before their confusion clears on what the new sound is, I am past them. Two, they bark when they think you/scooter as a threat, if you slow down and try making an eye contact, they just back off. I have taken the vehicle as late as 3 early morning and never had one dog bark. Bark Back mode will only be a major trigger it only for dogs but for humans more!!


Oh my lord ! Same here haha ! I love dogs, but dogs don’t love me when I’m on the Ather.
They hate the sound. That’s one reason I’m still skeptical to take out my vehicle at 4 in the morning, on sundays ! Had a nightmarish experience already. :joy:

We have a Katrina Kaif fan in Ather Social Media team.

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The dogs on my usual route have become so smart that they hide behind parked cars and wait for me to pass once they’ve heard the wheeee. As the noise gets louder, they pounce right at me without barking even once. Those jumpscares are extremely frightening!!! I think it’s best to just slow down to stop and stare at them for sometime. The dogs will eventually understand what is happening and calm down.

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Me at Ather Grid points waiting for enough charge to get home :joy:


At least for the sake of this poor guy (@abhishek.balaji) please improve CS very very soon (it is a general soon not Ather’s😜) Or they should give double salary for him. It seems he became a punch bag and had to do both CS manager and Forum manager jobs. Every CS question is getting directed to him because of CS problem.

I think @abhishek.balaji likes the second option​:crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue:


… but still waiting to plug my scooter for charging, because somebody has left his fully-charged Ather connected for the past one hour.

There! I completed the sentence for you :stuck_out_tongue:


:sweat_smile: Part of why this role is exciting and challenging at the same time. It would be pretty boring if everything goes smoothly, what will we talk about? :stuck_out_tongue:


I was sitting eating at the small restaurant and ordered some Maggi and tea . Chef who can see through outside was looking at the bike and me several times .

After about I was about to leave he murmured something to the cashier and they were bit hesitant. I asked them how can I help and he asked about the bike and he wants to have test ride. :laughing: