Ather Rizta | From our family to yours

Yeah Zeenath You are Right, That’s why I lost hope on Internet and Waiting for Rizta to come to nearby ECs

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That’s totally a valid thing; as is the point that even on our own 450 x/+ go through the cyclic boot error while riding, though it doesn’t change the riding dynamics of the vehicle but it does sour the seamless UI experience they promise while also creating panic to riders who lack the technical literacy.


I’m seriously considering cancelling my Rizta scooter booking and shelving my plans to purchase an EV due to the lack of concrete launch and test ride dates. The unclear availability has made the whole process frustrating.


You are frustrated because you couldn’t wait a few months? I have waited 2 years for a bigger better scooter, yet Ather ruined it last minute by putting in a 1.5-decade-old processor, took out all the ride modes, and took out the rear disc brakes. yet dares to charge almost the same as 450x and this one is seriously underpowered. oh, forgot, No-Touchscreen. I don’t understand their strategy.

Will wait for the test ride and then maybe cancel it.

Please remove the 4-hour timer from this topic, Thank you.


Well said. Same thing in my mind. Once I TD then will cancel it.


Hopefully their shoes launch before the TD. Can wear it while going for TD.


Hmm, might do just that. Do you think I can manage the ride with a pillion? By the way, the Experience Center that is 100 KM away is in another State. So not sure how they will handle the registration.