Ather in Kolkata

Hi guys, Finally I am happy today. Saw the mail today morning. Made the pre-order like a kid just after reaching home from office. Can’t wait to wheeeee… How many people from Kolkata are in the game ??


Not sure, but they definitely might not be awake now. Who’s pre-ordering a scooter in the middle of the night!?

How is the response from Kolkata? Can you please let me know! Will set my delivery expectations based on that.

Get more people to pre-order! We want to see more #AtherInKolkata

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Are there any experience center coming up in Kolkata? Most people in my circle here have no idea what i am talking about! They think it is like Yo bike. :man_facepalming:

Coming soon! We’ve got some deanship enquiries from Kolkata. You’ll know more about the timelines post the unveil of the 450X.


Just pre -ordered the same. very excited.

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I have 3 invite codes to share and will give it to people from Kolkata only. PM me to get the code.


I also have 3 code any one plz ping

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I am in North 24 parganas the neighbor district of Kolkata.I pre-order my Ather 450x and my invite code is HQOBUE and ZJ651R .

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Same here. Stay in touch. Help get more orders for Kolkata so that we get our 450Xs soon.

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I select City “Others” instead of Kolkata.Any problem to get my Ather 450x.

Just contact their support and they will correct your address. You can find their support phone number on the order confirmation email.

I pre ordered, anyone looking for Invite codes for friends, family members or themselves let me know

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You can donate your pre order codes to the topic

Should I Preorder Ather450x with City DURGAPUR wich is 180 km far away from KOLKATA or I shud Preorder with CIty KOLKATA ???

Right now Ather is targeting only a few major cities. So definitely they will arrive and setup infrastructure in Kolkata before Durgapur. If you want the scooter early, then you can place the order from Kolkata but there will be la few things that you will have to do yourself like transporting the scooter to Durgapur. As the range will definitely not be 180km, you will run out of charge. You can charge it in a petrol pump using the travel charger but it depends on you if it would be convenient every time you have to bring it to Kolkata for services.

Sir pre-order but it is not showing me anywhere. I used code 3EGGCC. But still accepting d code for booking, plz help out

Same things happened with my friend also.

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Have you received email? Check spam folder as well. Call Ather customer care if not…