Ather in Kolkata

Nope no email I get from dem

Wat ur frnd did afterwards?

Get d Confirmation mail and invite is RVUUCP, if anyone want to use it

Me here! Pre-Ordered!


Great. Welcome to the community.

Kolkata থেকে আনুমানিক কত বুকিং হল

No idea. 28th এর পর জানা যেতে পারে। মনে হচ্ছে কলকাতায় পৌছতে 6-8 মাস লাগবে। :frowning_face:


We will get it in 2022 1st quarter or 2021 last quarter

Hello Guys!

I pre-ordered the X on 9th. But I am not so sure now because of the price, I think it is on the higher side! Don’t get me wrong, I love the specs and very much like the bike, but I also think it could have been priced competitively.

Also I live in Bankura, it is quite far from Kolkata. I think it will not be possible for me to take it to the service center every time. So I was wondering if I can service it myself :slight_smile: . What about warranty, will it be void if I service myself?

Any idea about what will be on road price for the PRO (No Subscription), and for the subscription model in West Bengal? What about delivery timelines?

Looking forward for a test ride!


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@Ather.Team has not provided any useful information regarding anything for WB or Kolkata as such. Don’t expect delivery before April, 2021. :frowning_face:

I’ve been in conversation with Ather people. They are planning as of now, to quick-launch at multiple locations simultaneously. Might see improved launch dates!

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That is good to know. Wish the pricing hotchpotch gets settled soon. :v: Looking forward to own the Ather experience.

1 Like is very responsive! Trust me. They’ll bring us a candy in the coming weeks! (I too, personally cannot afford the new plans, btw, so fingers crossed!)


I also love der specs but der pricing make me to cancel the order, within some days m gonna cancel my Pre-order. I live in Durgapur

@Ather.Team can you help us with the tax benefits specially available for Kolkata (If they exist) when can we expect delivery

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As far as I know WB gov does not provide either. subsidies or road tax excemption for electric vehicles.

@abhishek.balaji Can you please let us know an approx number of active pre-orders from Kolkata?

And one more request, please consult the Kolkata community for location of public charging stations.

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Hi, I have recently relocated to Kolkata and would like to pre-order the 450X. Would you please share an invite code?



You don’t need a code to pre-order now, but you can add a referral code from here: Ather Referral programs

Hi, Wanted to understand your business plans for Kolkata. Wanted to understand the investments. Hey network development team, could we discuss on this further?

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