Announcing the Ather 450X!

Hey @450X-Pre-Orders

Congratulations and thank you for pre-ordering the 450X! We’re overwhelmed by the response and support to the 450X Super Scooter. As a small perk, you now have a new flair and badge on the forum! We can’t wait to tell you more about the 450X in the coming weeks :wink:

If you haven’t already, join the city specific groups!

Here are the groups for the cities, where we’ve got great responses on the pre-orders for the 450X:

Show your support by joining if you’re from any of the above cities, and be the first to know! Your city missing? Let us know!


What about Trivandrum??

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Convince more people from Trivandrum to pre-order and join the forum! The more enthusiastic the city, the sooner we get there :slight_smile:



Interesting! Excited about this! :star_struck:

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I just hope/pray they are not small size bikes or cramped or another KTM inspired deisgn. Not so tall people anyway have 450 to fit into.


I have prebook 450x. I have 450 on lease plan. How will upgrade work?

We’ll announce more details when we unveil the 450X in a few weeks!


What does an upgrade to 450x cost for an existing owner of 450?

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I am very exciting 450x

But will we get the same experience from the dealers? Cause the EV market in Mumbai is not picking up precisely because of lack of enthusiasm shown by dealers. I have not found any dealer in Mumbai which is selling Hero Electric Scooters. Mumbai has a huge market potential. Contrary to popular perception the 2 wheeler usage in Mumbai has increased because of ease of use and accessibility. So I will urge you to take Mumbai more seriously that smaller cities.

Andheri East or MIDC area is one good location which can be easily reached from Eastern and Western suburbs and lot of Car Servicing Centres are already located here.

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Will 450x be launched in 3 colors ?

Keep guessing… We’ll announce the final details when we unveil in a few weeks!

Yes, we’ll still ensure the great experience and feel you get from our Experience Centers in Bengaluru and Chennai.


I just hope Nardo grey will be 1 among them .

I have made the downpayment for my ather 450 and loan was approved, now I have asked hero fincorp whether I can upgrade to ather 450x they said they can do it from their end, now what is process to upgrade?

You’ll have to wait till we unveil the 450X in a few weeks to know the delivery timelines :slight_smile:

So, I need to cancel this order? and pre order again, can this order down payment and insurance amount be transferred to 450x?

Yes, both the pre-order queues are different. Please reach out to customer service, since they’ll be in the best position to help you out. You can call us on +91 7676 600 900 or drop us a line on